2018-19 Lighting Catalog by S.R.Smith

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pool lighting fiberglass fg led light the fg is a 12vac 5 watt led underwater light for new construction fiberglass pools • available in lengths of 30ʹ 50ʹ 80ʹ 150ʹ • no earth bonding required • white or color changing led models available • color functionality ––advanced operation with poollux premier — up to 49 color variations and dimming control via wireless remote ––12vac operation — 6 colors white blue green red amber magenta and 2 light shows • color memory function • .75ʺ or .5ʺ conduit required • 3 year warranty 1 5 3/8 • etl listed — conforms to ul676 certified to csa c22.2 #89 7 min • compatible with all s.r.smith lighting control power units 3 1/2 2 3/8 4 3/8 5/8 color options white blue light shows slow fast green red amber magenta advanced options color wheel dimming available with poollux premier 10 www.srsmith.com model no description fled-c-fg-30 fiberglass 30’ rgb led pool light fled-c-fg-50 fiberglass 50’ rgb led pool light fled-c-fg fiberglass 80’ rgb led pool light fled-c-fg-150 fiberglass 150’ rgb led pool light fled-w-fg-30 fiberglass 30’ white led pool light fled-w-fg-50 fiberglass 50’ white led pool light fled-w-fg fiberglass 80’ white led pool light fled-w-fg-150 fiberglass 150’ white led pool light fled-lau-c fiberglass rgb replacement lamp fled-lau-w fiberglass white replacement lamp fled-lc-fg clear snap-on cover