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liftoperator® intelligent control water-resistant hand control battery included battery level leds optional key activation prevents unauthorized use emergency stop button a pool or spa deck profile sheet must be included with every s.r.smith pool lift order— mobile aquatic chair mac the mac with a 300 lb/136 kg weight capacity is essential for facilities utilizing a ramp for zero-depth entry or movable floors arm rests flip up to facilitate transfer on and off the chair 18-inch/46 cm rigid rotomolded plastic seat provides sturdy transfer support rear stabilizing wheels provide increased stability in the water powder-coated stainless steel frame provides strength and resists corrosion handy lift this manual hydraulic lift made from stainless steel is for residential use only and does not meet ada guidelines • 400 lb/181.5 kg lifting capacity • easily removable from deck anchor • manual operation by someone other than user • heavy-duty mesh sling for easy transfer accessibility equipment a standard feature with all s.r.smith pool lifts the liftoperator ® is the most technologically advanced pool lift control on the market • emergency stop button stops the lift mid-cycle • audible safety alert can signal facility personnel • internal memory stores usage data that can be uploaded for analysis • pal pal2 axs and splash series feature four directional control • multilift and ml300 feature a two-button up and down control