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accessories pool lift covers accessibility equipment protect your investment with all-weather covers also available is a seat saver cover which may provide a visual deterrent from unauthorized use pool lift covers 920-5000 pal pal2 splash series ■ ■ ■ axs ax9005 multilift ml300 multilift folding seat all pool lifts are powered by a 24 volt rechargeable battery which should be left on the charger when not in use 1001495 liftoperator batteries are only compatible on pool lift units with the liftoperator intelligent control ■ 500-5200 ■ 500-5100fc 970-1100 970-0000 battery ■ liftoperator® control box cover ■ 910-1000 ■ ■ ■ 940-1100 ■ protective cover fits all s.r.smith lift control boxes ■ not applicable for er or hi/lo pal series 920-5000 splash axs multilift ml300 920-5000 ax9005 500-5200 multilift folding seat 500-5100fc seat saver splash mast splash 940-1100 970-0000 to order together use 970-1100 axs arm rests optional flip-up armrests 170-1000 – pal splash series multilift and ml300 170-2320 – axs spine board attachment supports any standard spine board not included not available with multilift or ml300 caddies facilitates handling and transporting a splash or axs lift splash 400-0000 axs 400-2000-ax 500-1000 stability vest seat pad pool lift signs 900-2000 900-4000 pool lift available 900-5000 warning sign 900-5100a designed to secure individuals with limited independent upper body or trunk stability white waterproof seat pad designed to enhance comfort and minimize friction 9 x 12 metal sign available with folding seat model not available with standard multlift ml300 or pal2 to ensure you have the most current version of this publication please visit our website s.r.smith llc p.o box 400 canby oregon 97013 p 503.266.2231 tf 800.824.4387 f 503.266.4334 copyright ® 2016 s.r.smith all rights reserved m-e-bro-87 3m 0316