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ADA Compliance Inspection Card M-E-BRO-885

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ada inspection card 1009.2 pool lifts 1009.2.1 pool lift location pool lift shall be located where the water level does not exceed 48” if entire pool water level exceeds 48” place pool lift where convenient 1009.2.2 seat location fig 1 in the raised position the centerline of the seat shall be located over the deck a minimum of 16“ from the edge of the pool 1009.2.3 clear deck space fig 2 on the side of the seat opposite the water a clear deck space shall be provided parallel with the seat the space shall be 36” wide minimum and shall extend forward 48“ minimum from a line located 12” behind the rear edge of the seat 1009.2.4 seat height fig 3 the lift seat shall stop at 16” − 19“ measured from the deck to the top of the seat surface when in the loading position 1009.2.5 seat width the seat shall be a minimum of 16” wide 1009.2.6 footrests and armrests a footrest shall be provided and must move with the seat armrests are

figure 1 water pool deck 16” min cl figure 2 36” min water pool deck 12” 48” min figure 3 figure 4 stationary water level 16”-19” pool deck pool deck 18” min disclaimer this document does not constitute comprehensive training on ada accessibility for aquatic facilities when addressing accessibility issues facilities should also comply with all local state and federal laws ordinances codes rules regulations and standards “legal requirements” which may have requirements above and beyond ada law although this guide cites accessibility guidelines as set forth by the access board it is impossible to ensure that the information provided is entirely accurate and up-to-date or appropriate for any specific jurisdiction this guide should only be used in conjunction with legal requirements and not as a replacement for those items failure to comply with legal requirements may result in serious legal consequences even if the guidelines