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accessibility equipment s.r smith is your source for 3rd party tested and ada compliant pool lifts that work for virtually any pool design or application from fixed removable or portable free-standing they have been manufactured with safety and longevity in mind standard features on all sr smith pool lifts include • powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum construction • 24 volt rechargeable battery and charger • liftoperator™ intelligent control axs the axs is a perfect low profile lift for simple pool designs • 300 lb/136 kg lifting capacity • easily removable from stainless steel deck anchor • 360˚ rotation • stainless steel anchor socket with cover more accessible pools access to aquatic environments is vitally important for both mobility challenged individuals and seniors pool provides the optimal setting for low impact exercise or therapy as our society ages the mobility challenged population increases as does the need for

ada compliance ada compliance section 1 is the facility subject to ada laws the facility is questions ada americans with disabilities act the americans with disabilities act requires public accommodations to provide goods and services to people with disabilities on an equal basis with the rest of the general public the goal is to afford every individual the opportunity to benefit from our country’s businesses and services and to afford our businesses and services the opportunity to benefit from their patronage in our ada case the goal is to provide access to every swimming pool so that people with disabilities requires both will have a greater opportunity to enjoy the benefits of water-based activities purpose of this guide this guide will help you identify the accessibility requirements and solutions for swimming pools in order to meet your obligations under the ada ada compliance   title ii public and title iii private entities to provide “accessible means of

ada compliance section 3 primary means of access for swimming pools sketch the facility’s pool spa layout here this guide can be used to determine the appropriate means of access for facilities with no existing means or to evaluate the compliance of an existing means of access any items that are unchecked need to be corrected for the means of access in order to be ada compliant pool lift questions  solutions if no ada compliance pool information the lift is capable of unassisted operation the seat is at least 16 wide the seat can be stopped between 16  – 19 over the deck fig 1 pg 7 replace lift with one that meets specification the lifting capacity is at least 300 pounds there is a footrest that moves with the seat the water depth at point of lift entry is no more than 48 move lift to different location if entire pool is deeper than 48” place lift where convenient at the loading position the centerline of the seat is at least 16 from the

ada compliance use the checklist to determine if the pool’s current means of access complies with the ada requirements any items that are unchecked need to be corrected for that means of access to be ada compliant section 4 continued secondary means of access transfer system questions pool lift see page 4 for checklist the height of the top of the platform is between 16  – 19 above the pool deck sloped entry the platform is at least 19 deep by 24 wide see page 4 for checklist there is at least 60 x 60 of clear deck space centered on the 24 side of the platform fig 10 pg 7 accessible stairs questions  solutions if no the steps have uniform riser heights the step risers are not open the distance between the handrails is between 20  – 24 the top gripping surface of the handrails is between 34  – 38 the handrails are between 1.25  – 2.0 outside diameter od the height of each transfer

figure 1 figure 2 routine lift maintenance and cleaning are an important part of ensuring accessibility regular service helps prolong the life of your lift supports daily operation and helps satisfy the ada’s maintenance of accessible features provision figure 3 water pool deck maintenance of accessible features the maintenance of accessible features provision of ada states that “a public accommodation shall maintain in operable working condition those features of facilities and equipment that are required to be readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.” water pool deck 16” min cl 12” 36” min ada compliance section 7 maintenance of accessible features 16”-19” electronic lift maintenance pool deck electronic lifts are mechanical in nature and contain a motor gears much like an automobile there is a basic level of maintenance required to ensure proper operation by instituting the following maintenance practices you