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Commercial Basketball Games Brochure M-E-BRO-63

304 stainless steel stainless steel anchors safety caps stainless steel net t 304 stainless wall thickness stainless steel grade part number 1 www s com www ae com gaming gamees l c smith z anchor h 4334 rims rim rimming er 5 b 503 deck post anchor wall anchor boeing post swimming post caps swim ts 824 salt needles needle er 27 flush er 200 ecs flushing a frame ts 2 ts 8 par 1 t 305 b 305 2 t square squares ts 4 400 n a n scale k 01 400 ts scales 7 v regulator g 13 cap k e hardware 7 replacement units container t e c h n i c a l s p e c i f i c a t i o n all numbers of anchor

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pool games swim n’ dunk commercial basketball rocksolid ® commercial game • features patented rocksolid® anchor to eliminate movement • sealedsteel® vinyl-coated frame and rim • commercial grade .120 wall thickness 2.5” square 304 stainless steel frame • removable • regulation • durable unit with optional safety anchor cap that sits flush with deck rim net basketball and needle included clear acrylic backboard • recommended for salt pools part no description weight shipping length width height s-bask-ers commercial basketball game complete w/anchor escutcheon 68 lbs 31kg 49 124cm 34 86cm 8 20cm s-bask-ersa commercial basketball game complete w/no anchor 68 lbs 31kg 49 124cm 34 86cm 8 20cm par ts accessories rocksolid® anchor patented design eliminates movement to stand up to the toughest competitiion • spg-200 backboard s.r smith llc commercial division • 20-197-vb backboard frame specifications