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Commercial Diving Boards & Stands M-E-BRO-202

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commercial boards stands serious equipment • serious fun • access for

commercial boards stands 85 years of diving experience durability longevity and safety are the hallmarks of s.r.smith diving boards and stands we’ve built our reputation on the ability to meet a wide range of facility needs so whether you are designing a new facility or looking to replace a diving board s.r.smith has the solution all s.r.smith diving boards and stands meet ansi/apsp/icc-1 2014 standards for public swimming pools this safety standard outlines which types of board and stand combinations are appropriate for a specific pool envelope stands and towers 2/3 meter deck level stand– comes primed and ready to paint steel meter stand ½ ¾ and 1 meter econoline 1 meter stand– stands–come powder-coated in radiant comes primed and ready for white 1 meter requires handrails paint deluxe1 or 3 meter towers–come with stainless steel handrails an adjustable fulcrum and are primed and ready for paint options include back left right and dual