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304 stainless steel game game game design stainless steel anchors safety caps t 304 stainless stainless steel stainless steel 1 stainless steel net coated stainless steel tie stainless steel ties gaming gamees b 2018 p 2018 smith 60 rimming rim rims salt 8m swim swimming decks deck z anchor deck post anchor m 1118 tf customized rims post 6m spike spikes post caps b 503 needle needles flushing flush deck tie customer safety safeties safetys clear a frame u shaped squares t square 7 v regulator 5 x 5 x 1 box i box 7 x 7 x 8 box 2 x 9 x 2 box

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pool games serious equipment • serious fun • access for

pool games game on whether it’s one-on-one or team play basketball and volleyball are even more fun when played in the pool s.r.smith offers a complete line of commercial and residential pool games designed to stand up to the toughest competitors and environments these durable well-designed games will provide hours of active entertainment for years to come salt-friendly games got salt no problem look for the salt-friendly icon on select games that tell you the game features sealedsteel® a protective vinyl coating sealedsteel® virtually eliminates corrosion and stays cool to the touch in extreme

pool games built for lasting fun all s.r.smith pool basketball games are made from sturdy 304 stainless steel have a regulation rim and come with a basketball and needle many models are available with a sealedsteel® vinyl coating that provides extra protection from harsh pool environments including salt pools all games are removable for seasonal storage or for times other aquatic activities require clear deck space clear durable backboards provide minimal visual obstruction commercial games are avaliable in custom heights and setback ranges commercial basketball swim n’ dunk rocksolid® games • 2.5” square stainless steel post vinyl-coated with sealedsteel® • patented rocksolid® anchor to eliminate movement included safety cap optional • 42”/107cm height deck to rim custom heights up to 84”/213cm • standard setback options 18”/46cm or 30”/76cm • custom setbacks from 18”/46cm to 30”/76cm

pool games swim n’ spike volleyball games • competition quality net with 3 1m ties on each side • 1.90 48mm od stainless steel posts with a 4 1.2m installed height • removable posts — with safety anchor caps that sit flush to deck when game not in use • competitive water volleyball needle and plastic anchors are included commercial volleyball games • available in 32 10m 42 12.8m and 52 15.8m nets residential volleyball games • available in salt-friendly or standard models • salt-friendly sealedsteel® posts are vinyl-coated • available in 16 5m and 20 6m nets to ensure you have the most current version of this publication please visit our website – s.r smith llc p.o box 400 canby oregon 97013 p 503.266.2231 tf 800.824.4387 copyright ® 2018 s.r.smith all rights reserved m-e-bro-60 5m