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In-Pool Furniture Family Brochure M-E-BRO-191

pool furniture made in usa starry night round tables round table table with 2 12 inch furnitures f s furniture f 5 furniture furniture furniturs furniture spa 7 in 1 8 in 5 in 5 in a 4 sun loungers salt z anchor spa spae spae 3 5 6a x y table table d table e table tables vacations vacation shelf supports shelf support night table insert table tm 6 luxurious water automotive colors color colore conversion table colores coloric coloring colorant insert holders colorred let star 3 4 kit exclusive super 7 super x 2 composit

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in-pool furniture serious equipment • serious fun • access for

in-pool furniture destination lounger and 16” table shown above in starry night bring your vacation hometm inspired by the world’s most luxurious resorts s.r.smith’s new line of professional grade in-pool furniture sets a new standard for style and elegance the destination series features table and seating options designed to create spaces for conversation and relaxation made in the usa using advanced manufacturing technology destination series products are lightweight and super strong minimum weight maximum strength resin transfer molding rtm is an advanced manufacturing process that is used in a diverse range of applications from aerospace to automotive products the rtm process creates a composite material that has a high strength to weight ratio – although lightweight it is exceptionally strong and durable rtm products offer a truly unique look that is salt pool friendly and uv resistant to protect colors from fading salt pool friendly we know pool

in-pool furniture pool seat sun shelf table pool or spa table 16” table shown in cappuccino 30” spa table shown in seashell tables seating make the most of a sun shelf with tables and seating that allows you to cool off without splashing around bring your book favorite beverage and a snack to spend hours relaxing in your personal destination space features • • • • • • • • 16” 30” round tables and 16” round seats 30” round table with optional cup holders tables with integrated umbrella support feature tables and seats anchor into 6” anchors easily removable without tools perfect for gunite and vinyl pools salt pool friendly made in the usa surface diameter height from pool floor cup holders pool type pool seat 16” 36” no gunite vinyl sun shelf table 16” 30” 12”-18” no yes gunite vinyl pool or spa table 30” 48” yes gunite vinyl not recommended for

in-pool furniture shown above in seashell pool lounger tm the destination loungertm lets you relax and enjoy the pool without a splash elegant design and sturdy construction combine to give pool owners the opportunity to upgrade their sun shelf space with ease made using an advanced rtm manufacturing process destination loungers are lightweight yet strong the innovative design allows pool owners to easily fill the base section with water but more importantly it’s easy to remove the water allowing the lounger to be moved when not in use • perfect for residential or commercial use • for use on a pool ledge with water depths up to 12 inches • high-quality rtm composite material • uv protection to resist fading • compatible with all pool types including vinyl • exclusive colors and visual textures • made in the usa standard colors pebble cappuccino starry night special order colors seashell fashion gray tan gray mont blanc autumn sun safari