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Mod-Lite Brochure M-E-BRO-183

plug and play energy efficient lighting led down lights flow direction s 183 3 a transformer energy c 6 safety light seal fitting for conduiting application for photo wire on

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wireless illumination has arrived introducing learn more at mod-lite is a transformational led lighting product that seamlessly blends modular design with wireless power to deliver unmatched flexibility convenience safety and savings discreet wireless power and lighting elements enable plug and play capabilities not found in any other lighting product © copyright 2019 s.r.smith llc all rights reserved m-e-bro-183 5m 0119 from

make your light easier leave your wires behind photo by ramos studios wireless technology allows power to flow directly to the light making installations faster key advantages safer and more efficient • simple installation and service • sealed for maximum safety and reliability • application flexible design • energy efficient 7w led the new mod-lite from s.r.smith with powerpass wireless™ technology offers a revolutionary new twist on led pool lighting fits standard 1.5” wall fitting and conduit connections down to 0.75” wireless power