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pool slides slide into fun­ for hours of serious sliding fun look to s.r.smith from the towering vortex ® with its 19 corkscrew runway to the relatively petite cyclone with its big personality we have a pool slide that will transform your swimming pool into a favorite destination for kids of all ages s.r.smith slides with integrated water delivery systems offer highvolume water fun for a slippery sloshy ride the 360 degree helix™ slide has a patent-pending fountain feature positioned at the top of the slide that provides splashing good fun from top to bottom indep endently tes ted ver ified swim ming pool que s nce d ocu ments availa ble upo n re © cop yrigh t 20 13 lc plia h l e t slid com .s mit pool slides let it flow s.r safety built-in we believe fun and safety go hand in hand that’s why each and every one of our slides meet the safety standards for swimming pool slides set forth by the u.s consumer product safety commission 16 cfr 1207

helix ™ add an all in one 360˚ adventure ride and a beautiful fountain feature to your backyard height 7 4 2.2m flume 360 degrees 12 8 long 22 wide 3.8m long 56cm wide sandstone gray granite water delivery system fountain feature and flume together or independent ladder enclosed with molded handgrips required deck space 9 x 5 2.7m x 1.5m weight limit 250 lbs/113 kg turbotwister® this thrill-ride pool slide is designed with curves and dips that guarantee hours of fun for the entire family height 8 7 2.6m flume 14 4 long 23 wide/4.4m long 58cm wide available in right or left curves sandstone gray granite ladder enclosed with molded handgrips required deck space 13 6 x 6 7 4.1m x 2m weight limit 275 lbs/124 kg typhoon® offers all the fun of its big brother the turbotwister yet in a smaller package for more limited deck space a perfect addition to any backyard pool height 7 4 2.2m sandstone gray granite flume 9 10 long 22 wide/2.9m long 56cm wide available in right

rogue2 white a retro look with a thoroughly modern flume makes this the new standard for backyard fun height 8 6 6 2.4m gray flume 9 3 long 22 wide/2.8m long 56cm wide available in right or left curves blue required deck space 5 6 x 10 7 3.2m x 1.6m weight limit 250 lbs/113 kg taupe bigride™ with its long extra deep runway and cascades of rushing water the bigride is a perfect landscape slide pewter gray height 5 6 1.7m taupe flume 17 long 30 wide/5.2m long 76cm wide available in right or left curves required space 10 11 x 10 7 3.2m x 3.3m weight limit 250 lbs/113 kg vortex® blue big time fun slide pool slides height 10 7 7 6 3.2m flume 19 long 32 wide/5.7m long 81cm wide with either an open or closed flume gray granite ladder option of traditional ladder or spiral staircase required deck space 9 2 x 11 4 2.8m x 3.4m with staircase 9 x 9 2.7m x 2.7m with ladder weight limit 325 lbs/147 kg talking to the homeowner check out our new serious fun brochure designed to