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Swimwall Systems Brochure M-E-BRO-195

stainless steel anchors stainless steel fittings stainless steel fitting swimming pool tiles 3 drain stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel 1 stainless steel grade contact us wall to floor www ask com how to install how to contact us lock in place www ae com construction and features www s com types of c b 2018 p 2018 anchor system target system colors system water systems system 5 l t d system 2 4 system l c smith swim swimming pool tiles m 1118 tf a 1 fiberglass b 503 c ams tiles 3 x 6 tile 6 x 3 tile concrete anchors z anchor marker 4 pin marine drain cover mariner marin marines polo 55 tm 6 s meter pm 3 pm 1 push pin wall tile

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swimwall system pool dividers tm separation solutions to optimize pool space s.r.smith swimwall system™ pool dividers can be customized to segment a swimming pool into multiple smaller areas in order to maximize pool space for a variety of aquatic activities serious equipment • serious fun • access for

create more pool time fits around lane lines non-slip surface infused color for longevity and minimal maintenance 240v 10amp air supply system optional added target markers key features • resin and color infused fiberglass construction for exceptional durability and strength • new construction and retrofit options • marine grade 316l stainless steel fittings • width height and thickness are customized to requirements how swimwall pool dividers work from the pool deck air is pumped into the swimwall which causes it to move into a vertical position within seconds lane lines can remain in place during the process a large stainless steel pin secures the swimwall to a locking mechanism on the pool wall to lower the wall the pin is retracted the swimwall is gently pushed to one side and air is replaced with water the swimwall moves to the pool floor where it remains when not in

swimwall system pool dividers in seconds stainless steel pin locks into pool wall pivoting hinges are secured with marine grade stainless steel anchors faqs q does my swimming pool need to be drained to install swimwall pool dividers a swimwall systemâ„¢ pool dividers can be installed without draining the pool in about 3 days q what type of pool surface can accept a swimwall a swimwalls can be installed in concrete tiled vinyl-lined and fiberglass-coated steel pools q are swimwall pool dividers typically used to separate a 50-meter pool at the half way point a yes they are usually installed at the halfway point in a long course pool q how many lanes can be covered with one swimwall a typically a swimwall covers from 2 to 5 lanes q are swimwall pool dividers strong enough to withstand tumble turns a yes swimwall pool dividers stay rigid against the force of tumble turns with very little

swimwall system pool dividers pool programming flexibility s.r.smith swimwall™ pool dividers provide unprecedented pool flexibility allowing more swimming pool patrons in the pool at the same time wall sections can span the entire width of a pool effectively doubling the number of swim lanes or can section off virtually any area of the pool to create space for a wide variety of aquatic activity typical morning pool schedule with the help of swimwall system™ pool dividers water polo practice elite swim team masters swim team recreational swim junior swim team kayak class lap swimmers 7:00–8:55 am fitness swimmers learn to swim 9:00–10:55 am 11:00 am–12:00 pm from design to manufacture delivery and installation s.r.smith provides complete turnkey pool separation solutions contact us to find out how s.r.smith swimwall system™ pool dividers can help maximize the use of your swimming pool email us at marketing@srsmith.com for more information or visit