TrueTread Diving Boards 2017 by S.R.Smith

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diving board blue gray color options old to new dive diving pool board l board boarde white board base boards base board system board number board toe board smiths smithe l c smith t m smith a o smith tm smith salt gray grays cantilever 2 cantilever white salt oregon s 1016 m 1016 launches salt series frame stands favorites favorit tm 266 sun blue grips tm 201 fresh modern blue white grips 1016 series blue box friend box boxes white replacing grips tm 400 replacement grip replacement grips j frame grip k frame grips j frame grips tm series 400 pair

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s.r.smith is reinventing the diving board category with a unique patent pending design the truetreadâ„¢ diving board series these stylish diving boards make an old favorite new again with a modern sporty look that is gentle on the feet truetread is a durable marine grade composite material that stands up to salt sun and hours of fun compatible with multiple s.r.smith stands truetread diving boards are an ideal upgrade that makes the diving board experience new again for more information visit

boards stands truetread diving board series tm • revolutionary truetread™ surface provides a modern sporty look feel • unique texture provides exceptional launching grip that’s easy on the feet • can be paired with most s.r.smith diving stands • ideal replacement board provides fresh custom look • available in 6’ and 8’ lengths • salt pool friendly • u.s patents pending color options part number description replacement boards blue gray 66-209-576s2b 6’ board blue 66-209-576s2g 6’ board gray 66-209-576s2r 6’ board red 66-209-578s2b 8’ board blue 66-209-578s2g 8’ board gray 66-209-578s2r 8’ board red salt pool jump system with board red flyte deck salt pool jump system supreme white stand w 6’ blue board 68-207-5762g white stand w 6’ gray board 68-207-5762r white stand w 6’ red board 68-207-5782b white stand w 8’ blue board 68-207-5782g white