Whole New Light/PT6000 Upgrade M-E-BRO-611 2019 by S.R.Smith

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Catalog Whole New Light/PT6000 Upgrade M-E-BRO-611 2019

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help your customers see their pool in a whole new light before 5 fiber optic lights after 3 treo led lights are your customers’ pools going dark help them see the light and generate new revenue for your business update fading fiber optic lighting to vibrant led with the pt-6000 relighting kit it is a high value upgrade that uses existing conduit which helps you save time and money get your free sales materials and watch an informative video at

delight your customers and your bottom line with fiber to led conversion kits the pt-6000 led upgrade kits provide everything an installer needs to upgrade fading fiber lighting to vibrant led lighting upgrades are fast and easy because existing fiber conduit is reused for the new s.r.smith led lights the pt-6000 seamlessly replaces aging illuminators and is virtually maintenance free pool owners not only get brighter lights they also gain the ability to have color light shows at their fingertips using the handheld remote update fiber optic pool lighting in 3 easy steps remove the existing illuminator pull out the fiber bundle replace new cable in the existing conduit 1 2 or 3 light kits with led replaceable lamp reconnect the new lights to the pt 6000 and replace cover 1 2 or 3 light kits with led fixture 1tr-pt-6000 pt6000 kit w 1 treo light and remote 1ke-pt-6000 pt6000 kit w 1 k e ¯ lo light and remote 2tr-pt-6000 pt6000 kit w 2 treo lights and remote 2ke-pt-6000 pt6000 kit w