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function of the parts of pistol functions of the parts of pistol forty years with the 45 70 revised remington 30 30 rifle lever action rifle remington 30 30 lever action rifle colt single action army revolver savage 30 30 lever action rifle 30 x 30 lever action rifle 30 30 lever action rifle remington model 121 22 rifle remington rolling block model 4 rifle remington rolling block model 2 rifle remington model 12 a rifle gun parts springfield bolt action 22 rifle bolt remington 22 pump action rifle springfield bolt action 22 rifle savage bolt action 22 rifle bolt assembly remington model 12 22 rifle parts colt single action army colt single action army trigger colt 22 single action army remington model 12 pump action rifle military bolt action rifles with magazine colt single action army parts rifle winchester parts and barrels and for purchase 22 long and long rifle winchester the history of marlin shotgun sight adjustment how to lever for marlin 30 30 uses of parts of caliber 45 famous people black and white photo prints illustration of the parts of 45 caliber name the parts of the caliber 45 function of the parts of shotgun functions of the parts of shotgun parts of the caliber 45 and names of the parts bolt action 22 rifle books smith and wesson firearms 1903 springfield rifle lee enfield rifle winchester single shot rifle remington 22 cal pump rifle winchester carbine rifle 30 30 remington model 6 rifle 22 cal winchester lever action rifle winchester lever action rifles 30 30 remington rifle remington 30 30 rifle remington 30 30 rifles remington single shot rifle winchester single shot remington model 550 rifle 1892 winchester lever action rifle 22 caliber rifle sights marlin rifle sights 30 30

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arms armament bka046 ordnance memoranda no 18 horse equipments cavalry equipments and accoutrements saddlers and smiths tools and materials ord dept washington dc 1874 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 114 pages soft cover reproduction of ordnance report that established the new model 1874 equipments for the u.s cavalry illustrated with 13 full page plates containing all actual contract dimensions for the complete line of equipment saddles stirrups curb bridle bits reins girth curry comb and brush saddle bags waist belt ammunition pouches and loops holster picket pin saddlers tools saddle cloth and the cavalry forage cart the text details the reports and proceedings of the board of officers that tested and evaluated each piece of equipment there are lists of many experimental designs and samples submitted for testing also has lists of blacksmith s tools the standard supply material for repairs and maintenance list of equipment for a u.s cavalry trooper appendix of experimental and sample

arms armament bka118 1936 marlin firearms company component parts list #100 for rifles shotguns and accessories 30 pages 6 x 9 soft cover reprint illustrated parts list for 55 different model rifles and shotguns covers both high power and .22 lever actions as well as bolt action models sections on marlin lyman and marble sights swivels recoil pads and gun cases 6.00 bka119 colt price list of component parts for revolvers automatic pistols january 1941 6 x 8 20 pages soft cover illustrated parts breakdown identification and price of parts for 16 revolvers and automatics exploded views of all guns covers all calibers .22 thru .45 as well as the .22 conversion kits for the .45 m1911 6.00 the following are reprints of the instruction manuals packed with colt pistols photo illustrated parts breakdown and identification along with complete detailed specifications of the arm operation and care are detailed as well as assembly and disassembly instructions bka120 colt woodsman

arms armament bka177 s.p.g lubricants b.p cartridge reloading primer 7th revised edition 6 x 9 format spiral bound 120 pages with 60 photographs authored by mike venturino and steve garbe this book discusses all aspects of properly loading the black powder cartridge primers wads bullet designs and moulds drop tubes cases powder and bullet alloys are all explained in great detail actual black powder loads for the 32-40 to the huge 50-140 are given ballistic tables for .32 .38 .40 .44 .45 and .50 cal bullets if you have ever tried black powder reloading and obtained only marginal success or you are an accomplished black powder loader this book will surely fascinate you years of information and experimentation will be at your fingertips condensed into one authoritative writing 21.95 bka178 3-pack special consists of reprints on government manuals for guns used during the span/am war the set contains one each of bka050 45-70 trapdoor bka051 6mm winchester lee straight pull and bka052

arms armament bka242b british enfield rifles volume 2 by charles r stratton 192 pages with black and white images covers the lee enfield no 4 and no 5 rifles includes sections on markings and shows part by part breakdown of the rifles and its variations also has a section on accessories excellent guide for those who own one of these rifles part of the for collectors only® series 19.95 bka242c british enfield rifles volume 1 by charles r stratton 167 pages with black and white images covers the lee enfield no 1 rifles more commonly known as the smle information on the smle mk i and iii rifles are presented includes sections on markings and details a part by part breakdown of the rifles and its variations also has a section on accessories excellent guide for those who own one of these rifles part of the for collectors only® series 16.95 bka243 civil war arms purchases and deliveries 312 pages 6 x 9 hardbound this is the bible of c.w arms research known as exec doc #99 this is

arms armament bka295 johnson rifles and machine guns by bruce canfield 271 pages 8 ½ x 11 ¼ hardcover book is divided into three basic chapters with several subgroupings part 1 is history and development part 2 wwii use with listings of all the different versions and part 3 postwar sales models includes collector s notes on markings stocks accessories bayonets etc 49.95 bka296 the m-1 carbine by g and b cook 207 pages 7 x 10 softcover well organized book listing the contractors and suppliers of parts and stocks for the m-1 carbine explains the production process and includes many period photographs of the shops machines and people responsible for the development and improvements of the carbine chapters on the companies and employees along with wartime production information an informative book 29.95 bka297 fighting iron by art gojan 176 pages 6 x 9 hardcover an interesting book on arms manufacturing that was until recently out of print now available again chapters on

arms armament bka347 civil war weapons by graham smith 256 pages with black white and color images this well illustrated book contains information on pistols revolvers rifles carbines muskets repeaters swords and artillery presented in an easy to read format this book contains over 300 color photographs 24.99 bka349 bolt action military rifles of the world by stuart mowbey joe puleo hardcover 408 pages with over 2400 color photos a long needed work on the military bolt action rifle sorts out all the different models of mausers enfields mannlichers 03 springfields mosin-nagants arisakas and others special attention to the major nations involved in both world wars printed on archival rated paper ­ both text and photos will not disappoint the reader or researcher edited by a large staff of international experts 69.99 bka350 ballard the great american single shot rifle by john dutcher 380 pages with black and white and color images a definitive study that includes civil war models

civil war bkb054 reliving the civil war a reenactors handbook by r.l hadden 6 x 9 243 pages illustrated perfect bound authoritative information for both novice and experienced c.w reenactors guidelines on proper clothing weapons personal gear etiquette health concerns infantry tactics and hosting a reenactment helpful appendices on sutlers park rules periodicals and much more written by a reenactor for reenactors answers most often asked questions regarding this hobby 19.95 bkb055 bulwark bastion a look at musket era fortifications period seigecraft also includes stone walls and iron guns forts and their effectiveness in the civil war 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 98 pages soft cover illustrated with vintage photos and line drawings details various types of fortifications used throughout u.s history glossary of technical terms along with features and operation of various forts 6.95 bkb058 in hospital and camp the civil war through the eyes of its doctors and nurses compiled by harold e

uniforms insignia bkc013 army and navy store co inc catalog 1918 edition 32 pages soft cover comprehensive illustrated listing of wwi army and navy usmc coast guard us phs equipment for both enlisted men and officers details and illustrates wings chevrons cloth rating badges collar discs insignia buttons shoulder boards sabre knots sword belts web gear headgear dress and fatigue uniforms and much more contains very interesting items 8.00 bkc014 regulations and notes of the uniform for the navy and marine corps of the united states 1852 compiled and edited by j.n jacobsen 32 pages 6 x 9 soft cover illustrated with 15 regulation period plates and 5 photographs depicting uniforms contains full regulations for uniform insignia and accoutrements as worn by officers petty officers and seamen as well as marine corps officers and enlisted personnel fine source for the military collector 8.00 bkc020 regulations for the uniforms and dress of the army of the united states 1872 govt

uniforms insignia bkc091 forts of the northern plains by jeff barnes 220 pages with black and white images provides excellent background information on forts in north dakota south dakota nebreska wyoming montana minnesota and iowa gives quick facts on each fort brief history and visitors information 19.95 aviation bkd001 amelia earhart what really happened at howland by g carrington 196 pages 6 x 9 soft cover 50 photos and maps factual account based on the unabridged pre war coast guard record recently made public puts her round the world flight in true perspective against the events during the 1930 s which were inexorably leading the world to war evaluates the true capability of her aircraft and the ability of her navigator answers the many mysteries of her last flight 16.95 bkd002 passenger airliners of the united states 1926-1991 by m smith 208 pages 11 x 8 1/2 soft cover 400 photos indexed photo guide to a significant number of large and small domestic and foreign built

miscellaneous bke036 remembering the maine by p&h samuels 358 pages 6 x 9 hardbound the real story behind one of the longest unsolved military mysteries in u.s history ­ the unexplained explosion that sank the u.s.s maine in havana harbor secret documents including the 1898 report suppressed by president mckinley are revealed and examined the myth of a coal bunker explosion caused by spontaneous combustion is disproved a detailed analysis of the maine s architecture analyze the properties of the explosives carried on the ship this historical whodunit describes in detail the controversial evidence political impediments and the faulty investigations that clouded the truth for over 100 years pub smithsonian press 18.95 bke037 bully col theodore roosevelt the roughriders and camp wikoff montauk ny 1898 a newspaper chronicle with roosevelt s letters edited by j heatley 510 pages 6 x 9 soft cover illustrated with line drawings and a rare collection of photographs an incredible

video tapes vt129 vol 6 payoff in the pacific recapture of us airfields in the jungle islands of the pacific detailed footage of the greatest naval battle in history leyte gulf 4.50 vt130 vol 7 the jap zero okinawa the fleet that came to stay the formal japanese surrender ronald reagan portrays a p40 pilot and describes how to quickly identify a jap zero okinawa graphic details on the suicide attempt of jap troops to resist defeat kamikaze planes cannot force us fleet from jap waters official films of japan s surrender aboard uss missouri sept 2 1942 in tokyo bay 4.50 vt131 the negro soldier war dept special service documentary details amazing action footage of soldiers who knew no fear men who would defend til their death the land of their birth also king of steel a short feature on the american soldier and the arms he carries narrated by spencer tracy 1944 running time 50 minutes 4.50 vt133 abraham lincoln w.d griffith s first talking movie the biography of abraham