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arms armament bka347 civil war weapons by graham smith 256 pages with black white and color images this well illustrated book contains information on pistols revolvers rifles carbines muskets repeaters swords and artillery presented in an easy to read format this book contains over 300 color photographs 24.99 bka349 bolt action military rifles of the world by stuart mowbey joe puleo hardcover 408 pages with over 2400 color photos a long needed work on the military bolt action rifle sorts out all the different models of mausers enfields mannlichers 03 springfields mosin-nagants arisakas and others special attention to the major nations involved in both world wars printed on archival rated paper ­ both text and photos will not disappoint the reader or researcher edited by a large staff of international experts 69.99 bka350 ballard the great american single shot rifle by john dutcher 380 pages with black and white and color images a definitive study that includes civil war models thru their later cartridge and target models both military and schuetzen models are discussed american western period arms are detailed along with indoor and long range shooting beautiful photos of standard and special variations included are pictures of engraved and presentation rifles a well researched and assembled book for both the collector and shooter that no library should be without 75.00 bka351 remington autoloading pump-action rifles by eugene myszkowski 132 pages with black and white images an excellent history of the models 760 740 742 7400 7600 details each firearm and provides sections on accessories patents magazines commemorative experimental and unusual rifles has sections on serial numbers and barrel markings useful book for the collector and shooter 20.95 bka352 small arms of the british forces in america 1664-1815 by de witt bailey ph.d 376 pages with over 400 photos contains information on the many rifles muskets pistols and carbines used by the british in north america also includes sections on ammunition and accoutrements as well as regimental issue data very well illustrated 59.99 bka353 remington rolling block rifles carbines shotguns sporting target rifles by roy marcot 350 pages with over 250 rifles in full color pictures excellent information on these unique firearms also includes vintage photos of creedmoor range and more very well illustrated forward by norman flayderman 100.00 bka354 manhattan firearms by waldo e nutter 250 pages with black white images hardcover contains information on .22 .31 and .36 cal revolvers includes information on production design patents and various manufacturers many original correspondences are also shown to provide insight into the history development and use of this guns 29.95 bka355 the socket bayonet in the british army 1687-1783 by erik goldstein 134 pages with black white images details british socket bayonets from early flat blades thru traditional angular styles of the revolution many illustrations and photos show general specifications markings and usage information on contract produced bayonets is also included 23.00 bka356 ethan allen and allen wheelock their guns and their legacy by paul henry 230 pages with black white and color images extremely well illustrated book that covers the numerous single shot pistols pepperboxes and revolvers produced by these men also includes information on rifles and shotguns information on patents is also included 65.00 bka357 the luger snail drum and other accessories for the artillery model luger by edward c sayre 144 pages with black white and color images details holsters snail drums stocks pouches loading tools sight tools dust covers and more covers all manufacturers and models provides an invaluable reference for luger accessories 25.95 bka358 the bowie knife unsheathing an american legend by norm flayderman 512 pages with color images hardcover an excellent guide to one of the worlds most famous fighting knifes sections on civil war gold rush alamo old south and frontier knives 79.95 bka359 smith wesson sixguns of the old west by david r chicoine contains information on american russian schofield new model double action and modern replica revolvers sections on history assembly/disassembly shooting tips and ammunition specifications details both martial and private revolvers the ultimate guide to early large frame smith wessons 75.00 185