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our quality control laboratory coordinate measuring machine cmm for checking lengths locations concentricity of diameters flatness and more cnc optical comparator for visual checks of forms radius lengths heights and more gleason universal gear tester functional rolling machine for testing gear sets cnc gear checker klingelnberg hÖfler checks all gear tooth dimensions to insure teeth are made correctly measures rockwell hardness of various metals and other materials in thirty different hardness scales mitutoyo hr-500 rockwell hardness custom engineered fixtures enable testing to original specs for pop-off pressure differential and crack pressures as required by part number on all air valves s s truck parts inc has exclusive contracts with state-of-the-art factories throughout north america and europe for the manufacture of components s s provides it customers with guaranteed quality parts our commitment to quality extends from our manufacturing process to our quality control

chassis componentry king pin kits fak 4541 d0hz3111e 2457865 d6hz3111b fak 4558 d5hz3111c 15585841 474520c91 597258c91 d6hz3111a 473695c91 1648204c91 fak 5444 fak 5452 101kk109 101kk110 493092c92 fak 4497 493094c95 fak 4496 fak 4498 fak 5445 fak 5446 337kk104 337kk101 493095c91 fak 4500 fak 5447 fak 5448 337kk100 301sq47cp1 fak 4555 2010021 549800c91 wh 217175 wh 37090-5005 king pin size replacement for trw arvin meritor euclid dayton other auto number number number number number k542d r200168 nylon ror 168 e4454n 300-211 number s-6945 1.99 x11.04 s-6503 meritor axle model fl-901,fh-901 ford axle model 9000 lb 1.999 x11.21 1.607 x9.08 k546b k547b r200050 bronze r200198 bronze ror 198 e4457b e4458b 300-215 300-216 s-6949 s-6502 meritor axle model fl-931 ford axle model 12000 lb 1.359 x7.97 1.794 x10.07 k548b k549b r200051 bronze r200052 bronze e4459b e4460b 300-217 300-218 s-5223 s-3596 ihc axle model fa71,73,74,101,103,104 single drawkey 1.484 x8.85 k551b r200054 bronze

king pin kits number chassis componentry replacement for trw arvin meritor euclid dayton other auto number number number number number k630c 300-308 300-295 300-325 300-303 300-304 300-305 300-306 300-296 300-264 328345 s-13976 king pin size s-13979 axle model e-1460i/w made after jan 1 2000 with composite bushing 1.8725 x9.970 1.8725 x9.065 axle model efa-18f3 20f4 22t2 22t5 24t2 24t5 made after jan 1 2000 with bi-metal bushing s-13980 axle model 1203i with bi-metal bushing axle model 1203i with composite bushing 1.8725 x9.065 1.7925 x9.080 1.7925 x9.080 329434 328346 328348 328347 328349 fak 4567 s-13981 s-13982 axle model 1002i 1002w 1202i 1202w 1322i 1322w 1462i 1462w with bi-metal bushing s-13983 s-11612 s-8513 axle model 1002i 1002w 1202i 1202w 1322i 1322w 1462i 1462w with composite bushing axle model fc921 1.234 x7.438 r201314 1.8725 x9.065 meritor axle model fg931 1.7935 x10.392 r201310 bronze ror 1310 e6868b 6 · latest

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suspension parts for international truck applications number chassis componentry miscellaneous spring assembly parts s-3199 441246c1 s-d892 497501c1 dayton 4-spring suspension shackle s-3137 346130c1 spring shackles s-4523 s-3959 s-5247 s-8732 s-8733 s-15182 spring pin bushing s-5601 rear spring pins s-3598 s-5102 s-2409 s-2680 front spring pins s-5017 s-2357 s-4882 s-5779 s-2634 s-5087 s-5088 s-7580 s-7579 s-7580 replacement for international number flagg number dayton number euclid number 76771r1 303865c1 443864c1 507203c1 688952r1 1648109c1 1648110c1 1661976c3 1671766c3 3511254c1 99530hb 193989r1 206258r1 303859c1 688951r1 301701c1 468699c1 503959c1 546036c1 1654269c1 1664263c1 b1120-55 b1268-55 b1112-50 b1400-55 b1220-55 b1369-55 b1368-55 b1434-55 b1435-55 b1077-55 b1165-55 b1261-55 b1314-55 tb26 e304-55 e396-55 e482-55 e483-55 e692-55 e736-55 lp-113 ih-5 e474-55 327-240 327-237 327-124 327-443 327-305 327-229 327-230 327-480 327-479 327-480 327-232 327-281 327-282 327-256

frame locknuts for international truck applications oem approved number chassis componentry s-4737 international truck number 414087c1 414089c1 replacement for freightliner number 23-11020-008 23-11020-010 volvo number 8397200 8397202 locknut size 1/2 20 s-4738 frame bolts for international truck applications oem approved number s-4740 416743c1 23-11020-012 8397197 5/8 18 3/4 16 s-4433 s-4434 s-4435 s-4436 s-4437 s-4438 s-4439 s-4440 s-4505 s-4733 s-4734 s-4735 s-4736 s-5861 s-5862 s-4442 s-13807 s-9022 s-c635 s-7604 s-14109 s-8420 bolt size 1/2 20 1/2 20 1/2 20 1/2 20 1/2 20 1/2 20 1/2 20 1/2 20 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 3/4 16 3/4 16 3/4 16 5/8 18 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1-1/4 1-1/2 1-3/4 2 2-1/4 2-1/2 2-3/4 3 1-1/2 1-3/4 2 2-1/4 2-1/2 2-3/4 3 3-1/2 3-3/4 4 2 2-1/2 3-1/2 4-1/2 frame volvo number 8397029 8397030 8397031 8397032 8397033 8397034 8397035 8397036 8397076 8397077 8397078 8397079 8397080 8397081

replacement for arvin meritor replacement for interchange index page s-5057 .a23144j192 .7 s-5056 .a23144k193 .7 s-6659 .a3144a547 .8 s-7357 .a3144d524 .7 s-b231 .a3144d549 .9 s-b230 .a3144d550 .9 s-7358 .a3144e525 .7 s-5988 .a3144f448 .8 s-6659 .a3144g449 .8 s-5049 .a3144j296 .8 s-5048 .a3144k297 .8 s-7358 .a3144n456 .7 s-7357 .a3144p458 .7 s-5056 .a3144q225 .7 s-5057 .a3144r226 .7 s-6659 .a3144u437 .8 s-5988 .a3144v438 .8 s-9488 .a3144v516 .10 s-9489 .a3144v517 .10 s-5988 .a3144z546 .8 s-4996 .r200003 bronze .1 s-5014 .r200007 bronze .1 s-5015 .r200008 bronze .1 s-7190 .r200017 bronze .1 s-6494 .r200028 nylon .1

replacement for ford/sterling replacement page for s-4382 s-7357 s-7358 s-6489 s-6487 s-8527 s-8160 s-d898 s-d899 s-d898 s-d899 s-4382 s-f305 s-f306 interchange index .e4hz3304b .11 .e4hz3a130a .7 .e4hz3a131a .7 .e5hz5304a .13 .e5hz5780a .13 .e5hz5780b .13 .e9tz3a131f .8 .f1hz3a130a .9 .f1hz3a131a .9 .f3hz3a130b .9 .f3hz3a131b .9 .f5hz3304ya .11 .f6hz3a130aa .10 .f6hz3a131aa .10 replacement for gmc replacement for s-6643 s-6643 s-f091 s-f092 s-d819 s-f248 s-f249 s-f250 s-f251 s-6964 s-6943 s-6946 s-6947 s-5132 s-7358 s-7357 s-5048 s-5049 s-6949 s-6965 s-f248 page replacement for international truck replacement for freightliner s-13703 .11-09363-065 .14 s-13829 .11-09363-080 .14 s-b023 .11-09624-090 .14 s-13715 .14-10281-000 .11 s-13415

interchange index listed by our page s-2121 s-2357 s-2409 s-2595 s-2634 s-2680 s-2729 s-2731 s-2888 s-3072 s-3137 s-3199 s-3596 s-3598 s-3682 s-3777 s-3778 s-3790 s-3938 s-3959 s-4382 s-4433 s-4434 s-4435 s-4436 s-4437 s-4438 s-4439 s-4440 s-4442 s-4505 s-4523 s-4603 s-4707 s-4733 s-4734 s-4735 s-4736 s-4737 s-4738 s-4740 s-4767 s-4768 s-4882 s-4948 s-4949 s-4983 s-4988 s-4996 s-5014 s-5015 s-5017 s-5048 s-5049 s-5056 s-5057 s-5087 s-5088 s-5102 s-5132 s-5134 s-5223 s-5247 s-5601 s-5616 s-5620 s-5779 .12 .12 .12 .12 .12 .12 .12 .12 .12 .14 .12 .12 .3 .12 .2

additional catalogs available drivetrain components including differential components transmission components clutch assemblies components bearing kits oil seals driveline components including air hydraulic systems components including air brake valves springbrakes wheel end parts calipers transmission air valves lined brake shoes emergency brake shoes slip yokes weld yokes end yokes flange yokes splined stub ends shafts center bearings surface sleeves coupling shaft kits universal joints strap kits steering components including power steering pumps pump master seal kits steering gear boxes gearbox master seal kits gearbox sector shafts bushings pto components including complete pto assemblies dump pumps pto driveline components cables control valves military components including electrical components brake components clutch components exhaust components suspension

traditionally known as a drive train gear specialist s&s has aggressively expanded its product range with the under the established in 1954 s s truck parts inc is one of the largest independent suppliers of replacement truck parts in the world label s&s supplies many of the fastest-moving parts and components in the following categories powertrain transmission differential chassis drive line hydraulic pto power steering and air brake parts us a s s truck parts inc ca nad a 19272 96th ave unit #15 surrey british columbia v4n 4c1 local phone 604-882-2577 toll free 1-800-665-4327 local fax 604-882-3898 6460 kestrel road mississauga ontario l5t 1z7 local phone 905-564-7100 toll free 1-800-363-4148 local fax 905-564-3485 american express mastercard and visa accepted is a wholly owned subsidiary of v i si tourwebs it eatwww s an d s t ru c k c o m opening fall 2008 c orp or at e h ead q uar t ers 600 w irving park road schaumburg illinois 60193 local phone 847-584-2000 toll free