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for arinc 600 and mil-dtl-38999 connectors these contacts are available in 60 75 ... impedance for mil-dtl-38999 connectors size 8 concentric twinax/triax contacts ... for both mil-dtl-38999 and arinc 600 connectors with 60 ohm differential pair impedance ... per min mating/unmating 1 lb min force float mount constraints 0.15 full radiall ... per astm-b488 type iii class 1.25 triax connectors contacts insulators shells #8 triaxial ...
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scx coaxial connectors connector specifications scx interface ... shock durability mating/unmate force float mount constraints -65 to +165c mil- ... radial .015 axial misalignment max mounting d-hole bulkhead connectors materials ...
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smp connectors cable mount/pcb connectors smp right angle female to s/r cable ... sr.047 rg-405 smp male straight pcb mount smp straight female float mount to s/r ... level fd ld sb smp male right angle pcb mount rf coaxial part number 219900-1000 ...
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applications compliant pin coaxial connectors sabritec s scx compliant pin coaxial ... connectors allow for a solderless press-fit ... with a solderless termination pcb connectors can be easily stacked on both sides of ... a press-fit termination package these connectors press-fit into a standard 1mm plated- ... concept with heatcompliant pin rf connectors treated beryllium copper spring fingers ... dia 003 plated-thru holes stack pcb connectors on both sides of the circuit board ... coaxial end launch connectors/blind-mate applications sabritec s rf ... end-launch scx connectors offer ease of mounting to the pcb with exceptional board ... the need for plated through hole mounting the connector is mounted or launched ... as well as a unique blind mate/float mount scx receptacle for multiple gang mating ...
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loss in an electrical system -bback mounted a connector designed used in panel or ... box applications in which the mounting flange is located inside the equipment ... side that will accept wither a mating connectors or pcb back plane panel an ... from a pc motherboard to individual connectors mounted in a metal frame panels lend ... continuity of the shield through idc connectors bandwidth the range of frequencies for ... connect two different generic types of connectors blindmate connectors which may be mated ... when out of view owing to their float mount facility body main or largest portion ... bulkhead a term used to define a mounting style of connectors bulkhead connectors ...
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transmitting electrical energy filtered connectors are typically specified for high speed ... class of high reliability feed-through connectors designed to prevent fire or sparks from ... through a sealed bulkhead firewall connectors must continue to function for a ... and provided with holes to permit mounting the connector to a panel or to another ... mating connector half float mount a mounting mechanism that allows the connector to ... board to which the leads on a surface mount component are mated also called a land ... contact damage due to the mismating of connectors 218 17550 gillette avenue irvine ...
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