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inkless shoee print kit multiplex filtration technology the air over the counter drugs illustration of the parts of 45 caliber rofin polilight flare plus 2 inkless shoee print latent print kit portable fuming chamber the bullet catcher hand held magnifiers gas leak detector 45 caliber bullets fine mist sprayers white magnetic powder bolt action rifle bolt action rifles gas leak detector testing mobile tool chest uv sterilization box wide mouth jars box sealing tape 10 x magnifying glass lighted hand held 22 bolt action rifle stained with blood plastic dropper bottles optical band pass filter plastic wide mouth jars 7 x 9 resealable plastic bags pressure sensitive labels heat resistant epoxy paint waterproof cigarette lighter plug deluxe photo documentation kit 12 volt push button battery switch waterproof parts of 45 caliber bullets glass jars with lid clear plastic tube caps white cotton gloves military law enforcement supply 85 265 vac metal cabinets with glass doors stainless steel lift and turn latch color plastic storage containers with lids stainless steel ball valves importer 64 lbs to kg with bold black extra large 12 132 lb to kg computer forensics computer forensic free ultraviolet light production forensic laboratory equipment abb products and systems safariland body armore rofin polilight flare biohazard labels margin trowels

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ways to order 800 347-1200 call toll free 800 366-1669 outside the u.s 904 741-5407 fax toll-free outside the u.s 904 485-1836 office hours 8am to 5pm est gmt -5 internet order directly through our web site it s fast and easy www.forensicssource.com mail send your completed order form or purchase order to 13386 international parkway jacksonville fl 32218 united states ordering information delivery times for an estimate on delivery times please contact one of our customer service representatives shipments outside the united states or to alaska or hawaii will incur additional shipping charges expedited shipping is available but may require hazardous material charges items that require hazardous shipping charges are identified with specific icons see the key to symbols below if you require expedited shipping please contact a forensics source representative for shipping and delivery estimates shipments are insured and made in accordance with prevailing shipping regulations please

polytesting system of narcotics identification dentification thenik®polytestingsystemwasdesignedtorapidlyidentifysubstancessuspectedofbeingillegaldrugs.usersofthesystem beginwithageneraltestand,throughaseriesoftests,canpresumptivelyidentifymajordrugsofabuse.newineachofour nik®testsarecompleteinstructionsincludingtheidentidrugtmchartforaquickreferencetoguideyouthroughtheprocessof identifyingaspecificdrug test a general screening marquis reagent this reagent system presumptivelyidentifiesopiumalkaloids,heroinand amphetamine type compounds and as a general screeningagentforotherdrugs 800-6071 boxof10 $16.15 t e marijuana hashish test hash oil duquenois-levine reagent standalone test for marijuana marijuana,hashishand hashoil 800-6075 boxof10 $24.95 test t est b general screening nitric acid reagent secondaryscreeningtestfor the the confirmation of opiates morphine codeine or heroin heroin and amphetamine-type compound as well asageneralscreeningtestforotherdrugs as 800-6072

6 orange evidence cones these cones provide csis with another great way to mark evidence for documentation and collection 6 high-visibility orange cones have a 6 square base for exceptional stability even in windy conditions or on rough ground flexible vinyl material resists breakage and is easy to clean all cones are numbered 1-10 and 11-20 in each set cones come complete with a convenient nylon carrying bag for transportation and storage · · · high visibility orange cones are easy to see and photograph convenient 1-20 number sequence 1-1/2 high black numbers flexible vinyl material is strong and durable · · · easy to clean contamination with bleach solution cones stack to minimize storage in vehicles nylon storage bag included 8-8050 8-8051 orange evidence cones set of 1-10 $73.00 orange evidence cones set of 11-20 $73.00 multi-color marking flags forensicssource.com 800.347.1200 mark evidence at night using our unique evi-lites activate the light with a simple twist

l print crime scene crime scene latent narcotics scene processing apparel arel are documentation p identification protection evidence evidence idence tools s safety finger alternate ternate lab b education ducation ooks ook magnifiers collection co packaging instruments aging gear printing rinting light ight sources equipment ment supplies pplies ppl ies books black magnetic powder similar in tone to our standard black latent print powder black magnetic powder is recommended for use in dusting glossy papers such as magazine covers tissue paper rough or polished wood leather plastics glass and rubber it works exceptionally well on plastic baggies after they have been treated with cyanoacrylate esters superglue fumes powder is packaged in wide-mouth jars for easy access with a magnetic applicator 1-0160 1-0170 1-0176 black magnetic 1 oz 84 g $7.58 black magnetic 16 oz 951 g $48.58 black magnetic 128 oz 8.5 kg $277.98 bi-chromatictm magnetic powder bi-chromatic powder has the

l print crime scene crime scene latent narcotics scene processing apparel arel are documentation p identification protection preval® spray gun 1-2770 the preval spray gun is a versatile spray applicator for all kinds of liquids each preval spray gun comes with a refillable container jar that can hold any fluid you choose an included power unit attaches to the top of the bottle and sprays up to 473.1ml 16 oz of liquid depending on viscosity power units are disposable and when depleted can simply be replaced with a new power unit the sprayer is designed to spray an ultra-fine mist ideal for latent print development or used with luminol or bluestar® forensic for blood detection preval sprayers require an additional surcharge to ship by air 1-2770 1-2771 1-2772 preval spray gun kit $9.74 replacement preval power unit $7.70 glass bottle with cap $3.95 1-2772 1-2771 evidence evidence idence tools s safety finger alternate ternate lab b education ducation ooks ook magnifiers

fire investigation kit this fire investigation kit provides the tools and materials necessary for origin and cause examinations and is a perfect comprehensive kit for any fire investigator kit contents forensicssource.com 800.347.1200 · · · · · · · · · 1 ­ photo evidence numbers 1-50 40 ­ first response markers yellow 100 ­ multi-color flags 1 ­ magnifying glass round 2 ­ twine roll 525 160 m 12 ­ stakes 1 ­ hammer 10 ­ #4 paper bags 5.125 x 3.125 x 9.6875 13 x 7.9 x 24.6 cm 10 ­ #86 paper bags 12 x 7 x 17 30.5 x 17.8 x 43.2 cm fire investigation kit 825.95 · · · · · · · · 1 ­ 6 search magnet 50-75 lb draw weight 1 ­ roll barrier tape crime scene do not cross 3 x 100 7.62 cm x 304.8 m 1 ­ 100 measuring tape 24 ­ surveyor tape yellow .8125 x 300 46 cm x 91.4 m 2 ­ 12 clear ruler 1 ­ clipboard 1 ­ compass 1 ­ pelican carry case with padded divider 21.68 x 16.62 x 10.56 55 x 42.2 x 26.8 cm 3-2080

identicator® i.d print technology is the simplest inkless fingerprinting method available simply roll an individuals fingers on the yellow i.d print pad and then across one of our chemically-treated labels or cards a rich dark print appears immediately best of all there is no ink on the fingers and no messy ink clean-up inkless fingerprint system step 1 step 2 step 3 note if you are using the i.d print pads for child identification you need to roll each finger and thumbs and then roll onto the specially coated child print cards press the finger or thumb directly on the yellow pad then press onto the chemically treated label a rich dark print appears immediately i.d printtm pads the i.d print system is a unique method of producing permanent high contrast black fingerprints without the mess of inks ideal for use at banks retail establishments and in child identification programs individuals simply press a finger onto an i.d print pad and then onto a special chemically treated card or

multiband ultraviolet lamp optimaxtm multi-litetm led forensic inspection kit the ofk-8000 features a cordless rugged black-anodized aluminum flashlight body and eight qwik-connecttm interchangeable led heads a full-spectrum light source it provides single-wavelength illumination in uv-a violet blue cyan green amber red and white light ideal for crimescene investigation gathering potential evidence and forensic laboratory work powered by rechargeable nimh battery provides 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges smart ac and dc chargers included ac charger available in 120v 230v 240v and 100v versions includes four pairs of spectacles uv-absorbing yellow orange and red contrasting and a padded carrying case · · · · · · · super-bright visible led optical output and ultra-high intensity uv-a led performance detachable diffusing filter provides uniformity of light source instant-on operation allows lamp to reach full intensity immediately three snap-on contrast filters

ety finger crime crime scene scenelatent scene cene print evidence evidence inger alternate narcotics narcotic scene tools s &safety processing ss ing packaging magnifiers agnif agnifier ierssources gear printing apparel collection aging light ources ource documentation entation identification ication protection instruments ments ment shoe/tire impression training supply kit forensic source s shoe/tire impression training supply kit assembles the critical supplies an instructor needs to train up to 10 students in shoe and tire print processing in one package this kit includes our most popular impression evidence products including traxtone® bubber and our patented inkless shoe print kit incorporate these products into your classroom instruction to ensure students have the skills and materials needed to lift impressions from dirt snow and other surfaces kit contents shoe/tire impression module 10 students description traxtone refill kit green pack of 20 footprint casting frame snow

nik® identidrugtm chart odvtm narcopouch® chart odvtm narcotest® chart latent print reference chart latent print sequential processing chart chemical shelf-life chart blood detection/testing charts als comparison chart lab equipment filter selection chart 308 309 310 311 312-313 314-315 315 316 317 forensicssource.com tm tm 307