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giant stopping power that fits in the palm of your hand the new firefly self defense combo packs are in huge demand because of the firefly s hi-power and all the freebies included the combo pack is perfect for the person looking for a complete personal safety solution getting bang for your buck is an understatement with the firefly self defense combo pack the concept of a self-defense kit is nothing new and our peak kit personal emergency action kit have been best sellers for years but for the first time we are offering a complete package including the batteries this is an outstanding value to anyone considering a stun gun and /or pepper spray purchase first we throw in the incredibly powerful firefly micro stun gun which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in a cigarette pack then we include a holster free 5.00 value a super hot attacker stopping keychain pepper spray free 12.95 value 3 hi-power lithium ion batteries free 15.00 value and last but certainly not

security plus® setting the industry standard a stun device is a legal check your states regulations electrical device that puts out a high voltage shock by merely touching a person with the device the attacker is potentially immobilized for up to several minutes with no permanent damage the energy stored in this electronically controlled stun device is dumped into the attacker s muscles at a pulse frequency rate that tells the muscles to do a great deal of work rapidly this rapid work cycle instantly depletes the attacker s blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid similar to the feeling one gets after a hard workout at the gym in short the attacker is unable to produce energy for his muscles and his body becomes unable to function properly the stun device does not rely on high amperage or pain for results it is designed to key into the nervous system it interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that travel through the whole body to control and direct voluntary muscle movement

mace® brand products if you want the combined benefits of tear gas with oc pepper then mace® triple actiontm is your answer this product offers a potent formula that upon direct contact forces the assailants eyes to slam shut as he gasps for air and feels an intense burning sensation mace® products have personified the standards of quality safety and effectiveness for over 35 years making them the most well known name in security every can is tested at the factory they are date stamped and marked with a low level indicator to assure that you will always have adequate protection michigan approved peppergard® actual size pocket model actual size personal model pepper foam magnum the thick foam covers an assailant s face making it difficult to see when he attempts to wipe it away the pepper is forced into the skin the ultimate home or auto protection features flip-top safety cap 113 grams sprays 6-10 feet pepperfoam magnum tm pepperfoamtm large unit pocket model #m80175 $14.95

if you have ever struggled with removing lug nuts then the ez lug is your answer this is a quality lug nut removal tool that uses a patented mechanism to easily remove lug nuts its universal size allows for use on any size wheel and with a 32:1 gear reduction ratio the ez-lug will loosen your lug nuts effortlessly includes 17mm 19mm and 22mm sockets with a 3 extension snap on socket and leverage extension it comes with a compact and durable molded case to store the tool ez lug wrench heavy item additional shipping charges may be applied #ezlug $59.95 back view jump start your vehicle inflate your tires and power your lap top with the jump pump you can see in the dark with its built in flashlight and connect your electronics to its 12 volt outlet the jump pump is a great value because of its multiple uses if you ever drain your car battery again you won t have to worry if you own the jump pump for inflating tires you can rely upon the 261 psi air compressor to do the job the

actual video camera that a has been modified to become dummy when placed within your home or business robbers and thieves will think the premises is guarded by a high tech surveillance system and go in search of an easier target a red flashing light on the face of the camera draws attention to it and increases its realism features durable metal housing and can be used both indoors and outdoors includes a warning decal which states warning cctv measures 7 1/8 x 2 1/8 x 2 1/4 excluding mounting bracket operates on one c battery not included batteries on page 30 will operate for longer than six months on one battery imitation security camera #iscm $39.95 solid metal construction gives this fake crime deterring security camera a realistic look that will fool even the most sophisticated criminal this is an counter surveillance sweep a room from outside the door with this highly efficient bug detector the zap 270 is simply the best bug detector available it scans for high frequency

are you looking for a secret hiding place for your spare house key away from the usual under the door mat or under the flower pot our safe thermometer is the perfect place it is an actual working thermometer that has a secret compartment big enough to hold six keys you will never have to worry about locking yourself out of the house again and a potential burglar would never think of a thermometer as an obvious place to look for a key size 2 x 6.5 x 1 #safetherm thermometer key safe face it no matter how well organized you are there will come a day when find yourself in the uncomfortable position of being locked out be prepared and avoid this dilemma by keeping a spare key hidden in our stone diversion safe it looks like an ordinary rock but allows you to safely hide several keys inside of it don t hide your key under rock hide your key in a rock #safestone $8.95 $12.95 looking for some salt to throw over your shoulder for good luck you won t find it in our saltshaker what you

mark your personal property discreetly with our invisible ink i.d pen uv light this pen allows police to detect identify and return stolen property fast in the event of a burglary you simply mark your valuables with your name and phone number this pen will mark all surfaces including glass paper wood plastic and cloth with permanent invisible ink under ultraviolet light the marks become clearly visible to police detectives and pawn shop owners one pen will mark over 1,200 valuables can also be used to write personal messages that will only be readable under a uv light invisible ink pen uv light #idpen $9.95 one of our most popular and widely used stun devices it provides 65,000 volts to defend you against any assailant yet it is so small compact and lightweight it fits easily into your purse or clips to your belt you ll never have to worry about your personal safety when you have this readily accessible personal defender with you it offers the protection you need whenever you need

new sc-1000 home alarm accessories items on this page only work with sc1000 opposite page 34 items motion sensor model #ps434a $32.99 protects your home by detecting movement inside your house monitors your front/back yard and driveway motion detecting range 40 feet by 110 degree arc easy to set up with ball-joint mounting kit 9v alkaline battery included low battery indication fcc/ic approved ce mark one year warranty flood sensor detects overflow flood when placed along the basement wall near water heater washing machine and etc notifies the control panel sc-001 or emergency dialer ad-433 if water is detected works in conjunction with skylink security system easy to install 12v alkaline battery included range up to 100ft #fs433 $19.99 door window contact sensor protects doors windows and other entrances sends a signal to control panel or dialer when contact is broken works with skylink security system and emergency dialer add on as many magnetic contacts ms-001 as needed 12v

smith wesson handcuffs are fabricated from the finest quality carbon or stainless steel they are manufactured with heat treated internal lockworks featuring smooth ratchets for swift cuffing and double locks to prevent tampering all security plus handcuffs meet or exceed demanding u.s national institute of justice tests for workmanship strength corrosion and tamper resistance law enforcement and security guard products cont new items this stainless steel 10 oz handcuff is designed for use around punishing salt water or in humid environments #sw982 $62.50 model 103 handcuffs the most popular 10 oz satin nickel finish handcuffs constructed from heat-treated carbon steel features double lock construction and a welded chain model 100 handcuffs the most popular 10 oz handcuffs same features as the #980 handcuff except blue finish #sw981 $38.50 model 100 handcuffs #sw980 $38.50 model 1900 legcuffs model 1900 leg irons 21 oz oversized leg irons features a 14 high security heat treated

emergency response kit emergency survival first aid kits cont emergency survival kit has enough to supplies to last one person for three days born out of the lessons learned from 9/11 and other horrific incidents that have happened as of late this single person survival kit contains valuable life saving food water and emergency supplies everything is stored in a very brightly colored watertight storage bag so it s easy to locate when you need it most it also has enough room for other items you might want to pack yourself in the case of an emergency this kit makes a great gift for family or loved ones and it is easy on the pocket book makes a great gift #erk $48.90 contents 10 water pouches 4.225 oz each 1 food ration bar 3600 calorie 2 light sticks 2 hand warmers 1 poncho 1 whistle 1 dust mask 1 person hygiene kit 1 pocket tissue 1 wet naps 3/pk 1 bio-waste bag 3 toothbrushes w/toothpaste 1 bar soap 1.25 oz 3 towels 2 maxi pads 1 first aid kit 1 combine pad 2 gauze pads 2 x 2 2

enjoy greater peace of mind guaranteed kubatons security is defined as the state of being safe free from danger or the risk of danger security is freedom from doubt or fear something that gives or assures safety how important is your safety and security to you kubatons are highly accessible extremely durable effective self defense weapons they can be used for stabilizing your fist applying pressure to sensitive parts of an assailant s body or gaining leverage on an assailant s wrist or fingers made of aluminum in various colors red blue silver and black size 5 x 1/2 #kub pointed $7.95 #kubf flat end $7.95 give a mugger more than a punch with our jogging weights these counterstrike jogging weights are a extremely functional hidden inside these hand held weights are half ounce canisters of pepper spray one in each weight the canisters are removable and can be replaced each weight has reflective strips for greater visibility in low light situations weighing 3oz each alone with the