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home alarm systems in Safety & Security Products Catalog by Safety and Security Center

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yourself your family your business or home the safety and security products ... 10 pack $6.95 #dclalarm 10 pack $6.95 alarm system sticker not shown warning ... protected by automated electronic alarm system the safety and security products ...
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the receiver to sound a pleasant 80 db alarm the driveway patrol has a whopping 400- ... their store parents can monitor their home for children that may sneak out at ... 30 the perfect portable sentry for your home has unlimited possibilities this great ... 29.98 ever vigilant protection for your home and person the first thing a home ... your door knob when they do this unique home alarm system instantly sends out an ear ... also be used as a personal emergency alarm by pulling out the pin attached to the ... with an ear-splitting warning 2 in 1 alarm #pa2in1 $14.95 surroundings and ... to penetrate without setting off the alarm simply mount the unit on a table or ... ding-dong chime when switched to the alarm setting any detected motion will sound ... an 80 db alarm sensor has a 26-foot 8 meter range ...
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a complete customizable home alarm for under $100.00 household alert this ... alarm is perfect for the dorm room apartment ... or small home the household alert alarm allows you to monitor up to 4 different ... full flexibility because you buy the alarm you can choose any combination or up to ... windows movement inside or outside your home the garage door and even flooding it s ... same time allowing you to monitor your home from any room in your home the system ... motion is detected surrounding your home or business supervised sensor monitors ... universal dial tone adapts to voice systems of all phone companies operated by ac ...
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home alarms new items never pay monitoring fees ... of dollars a year the complete wireless alarm system that you were waiting for ... sensor a the sc-1000 is suitable for homes business offices 24-hour stores retail ... advanced technology reduces false alarms 99 #sc1000 $238 the sc-1000 package ...
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new sc-1000 home alarm accessories items on this page only ... model #ps434a $32.99 protects your home by detecting movement inside your house ... #wt433e $22.99 detects conventional alarm sound from existing security system it ... used as smoke sensor as long as smoke alarm is operational can be connected with ... other security systems using n/c connector 9v alkaline battery ... included range up to 100ft alarm motion sensor #as433e $37.99 vibration ... can be connected with other security systems using n/c connector easy to install 6v ... ad1010 use as medical alert or silent alarm slide cover to prevent false alarm ...
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