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motion detection in Safety & Security Products Catalog by Safety and Security Center

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it s a scientifically designed motion detection device just attach it to any item e.g ... when an intruder tries to enter the motion sensor will activate a 130 db alarm it ...
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on a table or wall so it focuses on the detection area when the sensor guard is in the ... monitoring position any detected motion will activate a pleasant ding-dong ... to the alarm setting any detected motion will sound an 80 db alarm sensor has a ... 2 3/4 x 1-1/2 x 4-1/2 our wireless motion sensor is completely portable and ready ...
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open window jammer #m80124 $3.95 motion activated alarm and door chime big ... sold separately batteries on page 30 motion alert #m80200 $34.95 easy to use and ... 30 findyour way in the dark with this motion activated light this sensor light ...
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install security camera sends live full-motion video through the electrical wiring in ...
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and led displays silent vibrator and 3 detection modes in linear mode it can be used for ... far-field beyond 25 feet detection of high frequency transmitting devices ... antenna #zc270 $359.95 a built in motion detector it will remain still until ... 10 mhz to 4.5ghz linear and logarithmic detection analog and led displays adjustable gain ...
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sensors sold seperatley indoor/outdoor motion sensor alerts you when motion is ... their battery condition automatically motion detecting range 40 feet operating range ...
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with sc1000 opposite page 34 items motion sensor model #ps434a $32.99 protects ... your front/back yard and driveway motion detecting range 40 feet by 110 degree ... included range up to 100ft alarm motion sensor #as433e $37.99 vibration sensor ...
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