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snap gun this famous pick gun was designed for law enforcement agencies to quickly pick pin tumbler locks unlike conventional hand picks that activates only one or two cylinder pins this tool is designed to span all the pins at once comes complete with 3 stainless steel needles tension wrench and instructions color may very featherweight jackknife #lppg $44.95 the newest in our line of lock picks and companion to the jpxs-6 is our fiberglass polymer handle jackknife lock pick set identical in size and configuration to the jpxs-6 the jpxs-6f features four picks a broken key extractor and tension tool all housed within a compact pocket/keyring handle actual size 3 1/2 long and 1/4 thick #lpjpxs6f $24.95 secrets of lock picking we highly recommend this book to both the experienced as well as the novice lock picker it explains the concept of locks the tools needed and a breakdown of virtually all locks on the market today it is easy to read and is loaded with pictures and diagrams designed with the layman in mind i spent 20 iminutes and read the first two chapters and was able to pick my front door in about 30 seconds the first time i had never picked a lock before set is one of the finest available it comes with an assortment of picks everything necessary to pick any pin-tumbler lock and includes a fully machined interchangeable polished brass handle this set is versatile durable and includes a rugged zippered leather case seventeen piece lock pick set the lppxs-17 lock pick new items #lppxs17 $34.95 beginners pick set this small lockpick set is perfect for beginners it is capable of opening most pin-tumbler locks with just a little practice the set includes your four most common picks a tension wrench beginners instruction manual and a leather carry case a great buy for under 15 bucks the easy pickings book is only available with this combo set #lpbps $14.95 #litlpbk $21.95 electric pick gun lots of claims are made by the manufacturers and sellers of electric lock picks most are exaggerations and most of the picks being advertised are grossly overpriced and remember these are all electric lock picks they are not magical electronic picks as others would have you believe they require some skill to use but for most are easier to use than snap-guns or conventional picks southord electric picks are the finest available anywhere not a converted electric screwdriver nor a cheap plastic model these picks are made of machined aluminum and steel and are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry unlike other electrics they are designed to operate on conventional alkaline or nicad batteries why is that important because nicad batteries are limited in the number of times they can be recharged so you never need to buy expensive replacement battery packs the epgs is powered by a 3 volt motor and runs on two c cell batteries the epgl is powered by a 4.5 volt motor and runs on three c cell batteries each gun includes four picking needles three tension tools and adjustment wrenches precision durability and factory support combine to bring to you the greatest value in the industry regular price $144.95 on sale now lpepgl $129.95 47