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Safety & Security Products Catalog by Safety and Security Center

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security guards in Safety & Security Products Catalog by Safety and Security Center

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if a car or person passes by the transmitter simply place the transmitter near the entrance to your driveway and any anything passing by the transmitter will cause the receiver to sound a pleasant 80 db alarm the driveway patrol has a whopping 400-foot range and is battery operated making it easily portable allowing you to use it to guard almost anything you can imagine businesses owners can monitor a back entrance to their store parents can monitor their home for children that may sneak out at night requires one 9-volt and three c size batteries not included batteries on page 30 the perfect ...
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high tech security devices we have tested many models ...
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six months on one battery imitation security camera #iscm $39.95 solid metal ... gives this fake crime deterring security camera a realistic look that will fool ... batteries on page 30 imitation security camera #isc $14.95 this sleek device ...
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guard your children with the official security plusŪ child protection kit keep all of ... the official child protection kit by security plusŪ this kit contains complete forms ... m00702 $3.95 corner cushions door knob guards outlet plugs and a free child safety ...
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personal spray this handbook contains security self-defense and rape prevention ...
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solid batons are used by police and security guards around the world they expand to ...
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imported duty grade law enforcement and security guard products extremely strong ...
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double locks to prevent tampering all security plus handcuffs meet or exceed demanding ... tamper resistance law enforcement and security guard products cont new items this ... oversized leg irons features a 14 high security heat treated chain larger dimension and ... lock slot configuration for increased security will fold flat to fit most standard ...
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duty grade law enforcement and security guard chemical spray holder new ...
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law enforcement but also practical for security guards and prison guards ballistic ...
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