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marketing the consumer society marketing communications myths and structures revised edition second edition jean baudrillard john egan regent s university london now with a new introductor y essay this classic text was one of the first to focus on the process and meaning of consumption in contemporary culture and includes discussion of mass media culture the meaning of leisure and anomie in affluent society john egan has done an excellent job in the latest comprehensive edition of marketing communications he combines a compelling writing style and excellent exemplification with stimulating case studies and up-to-date theoretical content december 2016 • 240 pages cloth 9781473982376 • £85.00 paper 9781473982383 • £29.99 paul baines cranfield university john egan draws on years of both industry and academic experience to explain the why as well as the how of marketing communications this edition • covers topical issues such as new technologies and ethical marketing that students need to know about • provides insight boxes into some of the latest industry practices to ensure students are up to date • features examples such as james bond and one direction to help students relate theory to the real world business-to-business marketing fourth edition ross brennan hertfordshire university louise canning kedge business school and raymond mcdowell university of the west of england the companion website provides lecturers with an instructor’s manual powerpoint slides and additional case studies students can access web and video links this textbook stands out from others by combining multiple approaches to b2b marketing theory with up-to-date examples from practice the inclusion of many international examples makes it invaluable for faculty and students worldwide it is a must read for students and a truly refreshing addition to any marketing course catherine sutton-brady sydney business school contents marketing communications past and present marketing communications theory buying behaviour image and brand management marketing communications planning understanding marketing research campaign tactics and management campaign media and media planning advertising sales promotion public relations sponsorship and product placement direct and digital marketing personal selling point-of-sale and supportive communications integrated marketing communications internal communications marketing channels and business-to business communications ethical marketing and the regulatory environment the communications industry global marketing communications the changing face of marketing communications 2014 • 440 pages cloth 9781446259023 • £126.00 paper 9781446259030 • £40.99 written from a european perspective this comprehensive yet concise text covers both the theory and practice of global businessto-business marketing new to the fourth edition • updated content on digital marketing and b2b social media • updated examples and case studies throughout • scenario boxes a new feature that provides reflective scenario-based exercises for students helping them prepare for future roles in b2b the book is complemented by a companion website featuring a range of tools and resources for lecturers and students including powerpoint slides tutor guide sample exam questions quizzes web links and selected author videos to make the examples in each chapter come to life suitable for all students taking b2b marketing modules contents part i fundamentals of business-to-business marketing businessto-business markets and marketing buyer behaviour inter-firm relationships and networks part ii business-to-business marketing analysis and strategy responsible business-to-business strategy researching business-to-business markets business market segmentation part iii communicating and interacting with customers market communication relationship communication relationship portfolios and key account management part iv managing marketing processes managing product offerings routes to market price-setting in businessto-business markets the sage handbook of consumer culture edited by olga kravets royal holloway university of london pauline maclaran royal holloway university of london steven miles manchester metropolitan university and alladi venkatesh university of california irvine this a one-stop resource for scholars and students of consumption providing critical discussion of the key dimensions of consumer culture from a global and interdisciplinary team of scholars september 2017 • 528 pages cloth 9781473929517 • £120.00 may 2017 • 504 pages cloth 9781473973435 • £120.00 paper 9781473973442 • £44.99 12 order today +44 020 7324 8703 +44 020 7324 8700