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index a f alvesson organizational culture 29 ferdinand kitchin events management second edition 27 alvesson blom sveningsson reflexive leadership 10 flynn asquer public sector management seventh edition 17 anderson gold stewart thorpe a guide to professional doctorates in business management 27 frandsen johansen organizational crisis communication 3 fuchs social media second edition 13 b g bachkirova spence drake the sage handbook of coaching 2 garvey stokes megginson coaching and mentoring third edition 2 baker saren marketing theory third edition 11 gray doing research in the business world 18 barak managing diversity fourth edition 7 greatbatch clark doing conversation analysis for business and management students 21 baudrillard the consumer society revised edition 12 benzo fourali mohsen marketing research 14 beverland brand management 13 bingham employment relations 7 blackburn clercq heinonen wang the sage handbook of small business and entrepreneurship 3 blundel lockett wang exploring entrepreneurship second edition 5 brennan canning mcdowell business-to-business marketing fourth edition 12 brown brands and branding 13 greenwood oliver lawrence meyer the sage handbook of organizational institutionalism second edition 16 grey a very short fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying organizations fourth edition 14 grugulis a very short fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about human resource management 6 gummesson case theory in business and management 19 h brunt horner semley research methods in tourism hospitality and events management 28 hackley hackley advertising and promotion fourth edition 13 burgess marwick and poell the sage handbook of social media 14 harris fleisher the sage handbook of international corporate and public affairs 10 burke organization change fifth edition international student edition 14 c cairns sliwa a very short fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about international business second edition 9 carroll the sage encyclopedia of corporate reputation 29 cassell cunliffe grandy the sage handbook of qualitative business and management research methods 18 chandler strategic corporate social responsibility fourth edition 22 clampitt communicating for managerial effectiveness sixth edition 2 clegg kornberger pitsis managing and organizations fourth edition 15 clegg schweitzer whittle pitelis strategy second edition 26 coghlan shani action research in business and management 29 hall global finance 10 harzing pinnington international human resource management fourth edition 9 hoye parent the sage handbook of sport management 22 hudson hudson marketing for tourism hospitality events 28 j jackson quantitative research in business and management 29 johnson meeting the ethical challenges of leadership international student edition 10 k coghlan inside organizations 19 kavanagh johnson human resource information systems international student edition 5 cornelissen corporate communication fifth edition 3 kennedy sport power and society 23 courpasson vallas the sage handbook of resistance 17 king brooks template analysis for business and management students 21 cox bachkirova clutterbuck the complete handbook of coaching second edition 2 craig sport sociology third edition 22 crawshaw budhwar davis human resource management second edition 6 kolb essentials of marketing research second edition 14 kravets maclaran miles venkatesh the sage handbook of consumer culture 12 l d landers a step-by-step introduction to statistics for business second edition 19 dahl social media second edition 13 langley tsoukas the sage handbook of process organization studies 16 dawson andriopoulos managing change creativity and innovation third edition 15 dawson analysing quantitative survey data for business and management students 21 dewe cooper work stress and coping 16 dundon cullinane wilkinson a very short fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about employment relations 7 lee peters business statistics using excel and spss 19 lee saunders doing case study research for business and management students 21 libby deitrick cases in nonprofit management 17 lowry the sage international encyclopedia of travel and tourism 29 m e mahadevan a very short fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about cross-cultural management 9 east singh wright vanhuele consumer behaviour third edition 11 massingham knowledge management 16 easterby-smith thorpe jackson management and business research fifth edition 18 egan marketing communications second edition 12 everett food and drink tourism 28 mitra the business of innovation 5 morgan images of organization international student edition 16 morgan the business student s guide to study and employability 26 mumby organizational communication second edition 2 31