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an introduction to counselling and psychotherapy from theory to practice second edition andrew reeves university of liverpool counselling service written with clarity and authority his updated introduction offers both practical and theoretical insights across the broad and complex territories of the current counselling and psychotherapy world jonathan wyatt senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy university of edinburgh with discussion questions prompts for reflection and case examples it will help them to • get to grips with a wide range of client and professional issues and settings • feel confident about key theories skills and techniques • deepen their knowledge and reinforce their learning of key topics • prepare for practice using real-life examples plus over 50 free videos case examples and journal articles to further their learning at https jammed with useful and easy to read information this is a great book for

introductions the sage handbook of counselling and psychotherapy the handbook of counselling psychology fourth edition fourth edition edited by colin feltham emeritus professor of counselling and psychotherapy sheffield hallam university terry hanley and laura anne winter both at university of manchester edited by barbara douglas private practice ray woolfe private practice sheelagh strawbridge independent practice elaine kasket and victoria galbraith at over 600 pages and with more than 100 contributions this fourth edition brings together the essentials of counselling and psychotherapy theory research skills and practice including new content on assessment theory applications and settings and with new chapter overviews and summaries this continues to be the most comprehensive and accessible guide to the field for trainees or experienced practitioners completely updated to reflect current issues and debates this fourth edition remains the most comprehensive guide to the field of

coaching and mentoring client groups an introduction to coaching skills the sage handbook of coaching a practical guide edited by tatiana bachkirova oxford brookes university gordon spence sydney business school and david drake centre for narrative coaching and leadership second edition christian van nieuwerburgh icce ltd international centre for coaching in education with evidence-based research activities and suggestions for further reading this is a clear and practical all-you-need guide to becoming a coach march 2017 • 232 pages cloth 9781473975804 • £70.00 paper 9781473975811 • £23.99 provides the perfect reference point for graduate students scholars and researchers wishing to familiarize themselves with current research and debate in the academic literature on coaching 2016 • 794 pages cloth 9781473916531 • £125.00 the sage handbook of mentoring values and ethics in coaching edited by david a clutterbuck clutterbuck associates frances

client groups theories and approaches the handbook of counselling children young people second edition edited by sue pattison newcastle university and maggie robson keele university expert authors from a wide range of backgrounds bring together the fundamentals of counselling children and young people in this landmark handbook it covers everything students need to know about theory and practice approaches the counselling process and practice issues and settings this second edition is updated with the latest developments and research in an ever-changing field and includes new content on • diversity and difference • children and young people s development • mental illness • attachment theory • safeguarding and and application risk assessment each chapter includes a summary reflective questions and activities helping trainees to cement their learning contents part i theory and practice approaches child development and attachment child and young person

theories and approaches the therapeutic relationship in cognitive behavioural therapy person-centred experiential counselling for depression edited by stirling moorey and anna lavender a manual for training and practice the therapeutic relationship in cbt is often reduced to a cursory description of establishing warmth genuineness and empathy in order to foster a collaborative relationship this does not reflect the different approaches needed to establish a therapeutic partnership for the wide range of disorders and settings in which cbt is applied this book takes a client group and disorder approach with chapters split into four sections that cover • general issues in the therapeutic relationship in cbt • therapeutic relationship issues in specific disorders • working with specific client groups • interpersonal considerations in particular delivery situations each chapter outlines key challenges therapists face in a specific context how to predict and prevent

bestsellers the handbook of individual therapy standards and ethics for counselling in action sixth edition edited by windy dryden goldsmiths college university of london and andrew reeves university of liverpool counselling service fourth edition tim bond university of bristol this classic text has helped over 50,000 students wishing to understand the key counselling and psychotherapy approaches this sixth edition is the most comprehensive update since it was first published in 1984 with 15 newly contributed chapters and 8 updated chapters each approach now includes a new research section summarising the findings an in-depth case study illustrating how that approach works in practice and an extended practice section with free access to an interactive ebook edition this book gives your students on-thego access to a wealth of digital resources supporting the print edition it includes 16 counselling scenario videos 16 author discussion videos an interactive glossary journal articles

theories and approaches skills in gestalt counselling psychotherapy rational emotive behaviour therapy integrated fourth edition anjali joshi associate professor prin l n welingkar institute of management development and research mumbai and k m phadke fellow and supervisor albert ellis institute new york phil joyce metanoia institute london and charlotte sills metanoia institute and ashridge college this practical guide to the gestalt approach has successfully introduced thousands of trainee therapists to the essential skills needed in gestalt practice the authors offer practical guidance on the entire process of therapy including setting up the therapeutic session creating a working alliance assessment and treatment direction managing risk supervision adopting a research approach and managing difficult encounters this fourth edition has been updated to include • • • • • implications of working in the 21st century including working virtually updated

theories and approaches personal and professional development integrating counselling psychotherapy and social change attachment in therapeutic practice directionality synergy and desire jeremy holmes exeter university and arietta slade city college of new york cuny mick cooper university of roehampton how can understandings and practices from different therapeutic orientations be brought together into a single integrated framework can this be done in a way that recognises clients social and political contexts this book presents a model for understanding distress and change in counselling and psychotherapy it demonstrates the key similarity between different therapeutic approaches helping clients move towards to the things that they most deeply genuinely want using in-depth case examples author mick cooper shows readers how to apply this model in therapy practice he details a range of methods for helping improve client wellbeing and gives trainees the confidence to tailor the

research methods with over 2,000 books and journals in research methods across qualitative quantitative and mixed methods you are sure to find what you need to support your research discovering statistics using ibm spss statistics an adventure in statistics fifth edition andy field university of sussex the reality enigma andy field university of sussex 2016 • 768 pages cloth 978-1-4462-1044-4 • £90.00 paper 978-1-4462-1045-1 • £32.99 november 2017 • 1104 pages cloth 978-1-5264-1951-4 • £120.00 paper 978-1-5264-1952-1 • £47.99 data visualisation a student’s guide to bayesian statistics a handbook for data driven design ben lambert university of oxford third edition andy kirk freelance data visualisation specialist and trainer 2016 • 368 pages cloth 978-1-4739-1213-7 • £90.00 paper 978-1-4739-1214-4 • £31.99 january 2018 • 553 pages cloth 978-1-4739-1635-7 • £90.00 paper 978-1-4739-1636-4

index a k amis boundaries power and ethical responsibility in counselling and psychotherapy 16 kennerley kirk westbrook an introduction to cognitive behaviour therapy third edition 8 kingdon maguire stalmeisters townend cbt values and ethics 9 kirkbride counselling young people 6 b bachkirova spence drake the sage handbook of coaching 6 barton cbt for depression an integrated approach 9 bond standards and ethics for counselling in action fourth edition 12 bor watts the trainee handbook fourth edition 4 c clutterbuck kochan lunsford dominguez haddock-millar the sage handbook of mentoring 6 cohen spieler cohen counseling ethics for the 21st century 17 cooper essential research findings in counselling and psychotherapy 13 cox bachkirova clutterbuck the complete handbook of coaching third edition 5 culley bond integrative counselling skills in action third edition 13 curwen palmer ruddell brief cognitive behaviour therapy second edition 9 d douglas woolfe

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