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expertise for challenging production sandvik coromant has helped customers from all over the world to design tools and solutions for crankshaft machining we have a global operating competence center with the hub in germany and specialists in all key markets where we continuously develop cutting edge solutions together with customers and machine tool makers throughout the years we’ve built a reference library of more than 1,800 customized disc tools with diameters ranging from 450 to 1,400 millimeter our customers bring us crankshafts in a variety of shapes and sizes but common to all is the asymmetrical long and relatively slender design that is prone to vibration the instability along with high tolerance demands and challenging material machinability call for truly optimized tools and methods to succeed we’ve presented a complete offer of crankshaft tools and solutions that call for extra attention best regards stefan knecht ecc and global solutions manager crankshaft

customer case chongqing changan automobile ordered four new crankshaft production lines with a total of 32 machines including the supply of tools for production of 600,000 crankshafts at the starting stage of the production line construction sandvik coromant was sole tools supplier and thus responsible for the total tooling and engineering solutions and it’s a large project that gets supports from both china and other organizations within sandvik coromant across the world the huge challenges of the project include the large variety of different methods and operations of manufacturing and the tight schedule in addition to general applications such as turnturn broaching of flange ends post-end and main bearings the customer also needed special tooling and external milling of pin bearings specific tapping operations and deep-hole drilling the timing of this project was also very strict with only seven weeks between receipt of the order and the first delivery

main and pin journals for roughing and semi finishing operations we recommend an internal or external milling concept for the pin journals and a turn-turn-broaching or milling solution for the main journals depending on the stock situation internal milling the sandvik coromant internal milling solution is a stable exchangeable segment system with a high process security there are several benefits compared to external milling firstly the process stability enables low cost per part the high tool life also improves the cost efficiency of this method the range of different tools range from less than 15 kg tools up to large tools for ship diesel crankshafts tangential inserts with pressed geometries are available external milling external milling is a flexible and productive method used mainly for large-volume machining of small to medium-size automotive crankshafts the first adjustable cutters for external milling were based on a sandvik coromant patent and we’ve continued to

turn milling for small batches turn milling is a productive and cost efficient method for small batches as there is a wide range of standard tools available the longest crankshaft we’ve helped machine through turn milling so far was nine metres but we haven’t reached the limit yet cut to length and centering our standard product range contains face-milling cutters with up to 12 cutting edges per insert turn-turn broaching turn-turn broaching is a combination of turning and turn-broaching where the turning and turn-broaching tools are mounted radially on a disk turret that moves into the crankshaft and along the bearings machining as the crankshaft rotates it is a productive cost effective and flexible method capable of short cycle times highest flexibility and fast tool-handling and tool-setting times the crankshaft-chasing insert is actually a sandvik coromant patented development as well as many other solutions as the tools weigh less than 15 kilos you can use up to 48

oil hole drilling needless to say chip evacuation and precision are the main challenges when drilling the oil holes we recommend producing both the pilot hole and the actual hole with a solid carbide deep hole drill such as corodrill 861 it gives accurate deep holes with hole tolerance it8-it9 to depths up to 30 × drill diameter without pecking high speeds and feeds reduce the cost per hole additionally fast and efficient chip evacuation reduces machine downtime and increases tool life clamp with high precision chucks only we have a standard product assortment for deep hole drills with lengths up to 30 times the diameter they all promise reliable chip evacuation crankshaft oil hole drills are suitable for minimum quantity lubrication mql corodrill® 861 provides the high stability essential for drilling deep holes with high speed and efficiency • accurate deep holes to depths up to 30 × drill diameter without pecking • high speeds and feeds allow greater

engineering competence center ecc düsseldorf is globally responsible for r&d engineering design and manufacturing in crankand camshaft machining as well as for linear broaching globally and turnmilling in emea the crankshaft area is dominated by oem and mtm customer projects with turnturnbroaching id milling od milling and oil hole drilling it all comes down to the total cost per component head office ab sandvik coromant se-811 81 sandviken sweden e-mail c-2940:152 eng/01 © ab sandvik coromant