Face milling in aluminium by Sandvik Coromat

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success story a spanish manufacturer of cylinder heads for passenger car engines asked sandvik coromant for help the machining process was unstable and they had problems with burr another problem was the unpredictable insert tool-life which depended on the cartridge adjustments that differed slightly from set-up to set-up challenge provide a stable and burr-free machining process with predictable insert tool-life the arrows show the most critical areas for remaining burr quality requirements rougness r 4 rmax 20 waviness w 4 flatness 0.05 solution the coromill® 5b90 cutter offered a smooth finishing operation with predictable wear and no burr as the cutter provides thin chips they are easily removed from the component to avoid damaging of the face in the subsequent operation yearly savings 21 000 € existing cutter coromill® 5b90-cutter number of teeth zn 16 9 cutting speed vc 3140 m/min 3800 m/min spindle speed n 5000 r/min 6000 r/min feed rate vf 8280 mm/min 9000 mm/min depth of cut ap 0.5 mm 0.5 mm tool life 30000 in average 45000 with an optimized number of inserts that are always correctly positioned on the cutter the customer could speed up the cutting data and save money on both a limited number of inserts and reduced cycle time.