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keep the green light on when producing a large series of components the most important success factor is high machine utilization when the machine is running at full capacity it is making money and drives your business forward we call it green light machining automotive transmission components are often slender and have a complex design that is difficult to clamp as the level of automation is usually high a rigid and secure machining process is key to succed low alloy steel is the traditional raw material for transmission components that can be case hardened through a heat treatment process other materials include powder metals cast iron and low carbon steel green light machining of many transmission components can be challenging but we have quite a few solutions at hand head office ab sandvik coromant se-811 81 sandviken sweden www.sandvik.coromant.com e-mail info.coromant@sandvik.com c-2940:156 eng/01 © ab sandvik coromant 2014