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invomilling â„¢ agile gear

cutting lead times in gear manufacturing machining gears normally requires dedicated tools for the specific gear profile with the patented invomilling process it is possible to use the same cutters for different gear profiles by changing the cnc program instead of changing the tool the time from receiving an order for a component and delivering it can be greatly reduced since multi-task machines or five-axis machining centres are used complete components can be machined in one set-up for manufacturers that move components between different machines or outsource the gear operation invomilling can reduce lead times and shorten total manufacturing time significantly in-house gear milling in standard machines • flexibility – same tools for many gear profiles • gear machining in multi-task machines and five-axis machining centres • complete components in one machine and one set-up full flexibility • more environmentally-friendly runs dry does not use

tools for different module sizes coromill®161 coromill®162 coromill 161 cutter is for manufacturing smaller module gears high-precision insert seats ensure low tool run-out plus excellent component quality furthermore modules from 2 to 4 can be efficiently covered with only a limited range of inserts coromill 161 cutter is supplied in various diameters starting at 66 mm in both coromant capto® and arbor coupling configurations coromill 162 cutter uses a unique i-lock interface between the insert and tool body to ensure both stability and precision coromill 162 comes in two sizes size 4 is ideal for the efficient manufacturing of module 4 to 8 gears starting with a diameter of 90 mm while size 6 performs equally well for manufacturing module 6 to 12 gears tools are available with different arbor coupling sizes cutter coromill 161 coromill 162 ideal module range 2–4 4–12 possible module range >2 >4 for more information see and

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easy to program the software invomilling™ 1.0 is developed for quick and easy cnc programming of the patented invomilling process combine the software with our dedicated precision cutters coromill® 161 and coromill® 162 for truly flexible gear manufacturing gear 1 define your geometry 2 select yourtegy a d d ma chining stra inishing roughing and f select operation s and ed from tools to be usry the tool libra e 3 simulate thess to ma chining proc ths verify tool pa

comparison of methods sandvik coromant has an extensive portfolio of gear manufacturing tools and methods for large batch production of spur and helical gears where high productivity is paramount we offer a range of competitive disc cutters and hobs e.g coromill® 170 and coromill 176 both offer much higher productivity than hss tools first choice cutters for medium batch sizes are coromill 171 and coromill 172 these disc cutters are easily applied in machining centres multi-task machines and turning centres making it possible to machine complete components in one set-up invomilling with coromill 161 or coromill 162 cutters is the natural choice for small to medium batches when the focus is on greater flexibility the productivity of invomilling is nevertheless comparable to hss hobbing what’s more all the advantages of using a multitask machine still apply productivity batch size corom ill 176 a nd corom ill 171 corom ill 172 invom illing l 162 a nd corom il corom ill 16 1 e

gear cutters for your demands sandvik coromant has developed a new assortment of indexable insert gear milling cutters an initiative that has taken place in close cooperation with our customers and mtm partners unrivalled engineering know-how together with extensive metal cutting experience ensures a tool solution that suits your needs over recent years we have introduced a completely new insert generation developments in insert substrates coating materials coating manufacturing and post processes provide higher metalremoval rates with longer tool-life these new gear milling tools deliver all the performance and benefits you need to take your production to levels not possible with conventional hss cutters with sandvik coromant as your partner you gain all the experience to optimize your overall manufacturing and reduce your cost per component head office ab sandvik coromant se-811 81 sandviken sweden e-mail c-1140:547 eng/01 © ab