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cutting lead times in gear manufacturing machining gears normally requires dedicated tools for the specific gear profile with the patented invomilling process it is possible to use the same cutters for different gear profiles by changing the cnc program instead of changing the tool the time from receiving an order for a component and delivering it can be greatly reduced since multi-task machines or five-axis machining centres are used complete components can be machined in one set-up for manufacturers that move components between different machines or outsource the gear operation invomilling can reduce lead times and shorten total manufacturing time significantly in-house gear milling in standard machines • flexibility – same tools for many gear profiles • gear machining in multi-task machines and five-axis machining centres • complete components in one machine and one set-up full flexibility • more environmentally-friendly runs dry does not use cutting oil see how it works on success story gear wheel data module mn/diametral pitch dp number of teeth z helix angle ß face width b pitch circle d 6 mm/4.23 inch-1 27 17 degrees 130 mm/5.12 inch 170 mm/6.69 inch result 1 pass hss hob stable hobbing machine 2 passes hss hob “old” hobbing machine new method on multi-task machine 31.5 minutes 57 minutes 23 minutes the preferred all solution for smch to medium bat sizes first choice for large batch sizes coromill®176 2