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tools for different module sizes coromill®161 coromill®162 coromill 161 cutter is for manufacturing smaller module gears high-precision insert seats ensure low tool run-out plus excellent component quality furthermore modules from 2 to 4 can be efficiently covered with only a limited range of inserts coromill 161 cutter is supplied in various diameters starting at 66 mm in both coromant capto® and arbor coupling configurations coromill 162 cutter uses a unique i-lock interface between the insert and tool body to ensure both stability and precision coromill 162 comes in two sizes size 4 is ideal for the efficient manufacturing of module 4 to 8 gears starting with a diameter of 90 mm while size 6 performs equally well for manufacturing module 6 to 12 gears tools are available with different arbor coupling sizes cutter coromill 161 coromill 162 ideal module range 2–4 4–12 possible module range >2 >4 for more information see and measuring example produce a high quality gear to precise machine movements and a high precision cutter invomilling yields a high quality gear both regarding dimensional accuracy and surface finish a gear measurement report for helical gear manufacture using invomilling is shown on pages 4 and 5 helical gear data normal module mn/diametral pitch dp number of teeth z helix angle ß profile shift x high profile pressure angle tip diameter da root diameter df face width b material 4.15 mm/6.12 inch-1 22 -22.5 degrees 0.41 20 degrees 112.8 mm/4.44 inch 87.4 mm/3.44 inch 30 mm/1.18 inch 42crmo4 260 hb surface finish from root to tip rz 2 microns exa mple of a helical gear prod uced using the invomilling method 3