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table of contents solutions automotive oil and gas seal ring groove solution invomilling 1.0 cad/cam software interpolation turning 4 24 22 28 14 general turning gc4305 insert grade for steel coroturn tr qs shanks for profiling t-max p railway turning 6 8 10 pa rtingandgrooving corocut qd parting off and deep grooving corocut 1-2 face grooving 12 13 coromill® qd new milling concept featuring internal coolant for groove milling with exceptional reliability milling coromill qd groove milling cutters coromill plura heavy duty end mills 14 18 drilling gc4324 and gc4334 grades for corodrill 880 corodrill 870 step or chamfer 34 40 boring spirogrooving with corobore xl face grooving bars with corocut mb 24 30 tooling systems silent tools 32 front cover coromill® plura heavy duty end mill services 2 adveon 42 more introductions 44 46 48 digital offer reference 18 coromill® plura heavy duty milling these reliable new end mills are your first choice solid milling tools for

insert grade gc4305 application • external and internal turning under stable conditions • roughing to semi-finishing operations • wet and dry machining gc4305 is optimized for stable conditions where one or more of the following criterias are fulfilled • high material hardness • high cutting speed machining conditions good average difficult for cutting data recommendations see supplement 15.1 • high metal removal rate • long time in cut p iso application area technical features inveio™ for high wear resistance and long tool life tightly-packed uni-directional crystals create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone and the chip heat-resistant substrate the cemented-carbide substrate adds high strength and reliable toughness optimized to withstand heat it is suitable for applications with focus on high material removal rate other insert details the columnar mt-ticn inner coating is hard and wear-resistant against abrasive wear the yellow

corocut® qd unrivalled reliability and maximum effectiveness corocut qd is the strongest and most advanced parting and grooving system on the market when parting off or machining deep grooves without compromising process security or machining efficiency – corocut qd is your option regardless of the material to be machined or the machine type standing in your workshop reinforced parting blades an even stiffer blade perfect when working with long overhangs parting blades made of a strong material alloy optimized for parting off and deep grooving shank tools for grooving and parting off operations qs™ shanks for parting off in sliding head machines coroturn® sl blades allows you to build your own modular tooling solutions more coroturn sl on page 33

coromill® qd technical features internal coolant solution for chip evacuation improved surface finish and predictable tool life quick-release key ensures correct clamping force and insert position repeatability inserts can be changed in the machine ground inserts have very close length tolerance which results in long tool life and closetolerance components without burr tilted insert seat with rail for stability and security optimized geometries and grades for controlled chip evacuation high-quality groove surface and long tool life combine multiple discs and holders for great flexibility and limited tool inventory wiper for -ml geometry for extra high-quality surface finish assortment insert width diameter without coolant diameter with coolant coupling insert geometries supplement 15.1 3–5 mm 0.125–0.187 inch 80–315 mm 3–12 inch 80–160 3–6 inch bore with keyway light and medium chapter d for additional information see

coromill® plura the heavy duty end mills are capable of large engagements without compromising process security how to increase efficiency in your most demanding operations large cutting depths in full slot milling steep ramping with limited space a quick way to minimize machining time in full slot operations is to reduce passes by increasing cutting depth while keeping the same cutting data this machining strategy requires an end mill with an extremely tough grade and first-rate chip evacuation capabilities thanks to the new grades and optimized flute shapes your new coromill plura hd end mill offers cutting depth up to two times diameter without problems in chip evacuation or stability safely and productively opening a cavity when space is limited can require a steep ramping angle chips that get stuck under the face of the end mill cause wear on the cutting edge corners this is when a tough face geometry that allows chip space without compromising edge strength is needed the new

oil and gas solution – spirogrooving™ spirogrooving with corobore xl process security • controlled chip breakage with spirogrooving tool path • internal coolant high productivity • high machine utilization thanks to good chip control • highly efficient machining method modular flexibility and reduced inventory • adjustable diameter range 50–300 mm 1.968–11.811 inch with corobore xl tools • coromant capto® modular tool holding quick and easy programming • unique nc-code generator how it works spirogrooving uses a circular spirograph tool movement in a taper this reduces chip thickness enabling light cutting action and increased feed parts of the insert cutting edge have an interrupted cutting behaviour eliminating long chips tangling to the tool and spindle easy programming wondering how to program with the spirogrooving nc-code generator you can get your nc code in a few quick steps for more information see

fine boring head face grooving bars for small diameters with these face grooving bars for the fine-adjustable head 391.37a even very small diameters can be machined while keeping tight tolerances and a high-quality surface finish pmns iso application area application features and benefits • face grooving bars to be used with fine boring head 391.37a and corocut® mb inserts • optimized bar length for each diameter adds excellent chip evacuation • diameter range 14–50 mm 0.551–1.97 inch • modular assemblies with coromant capto® and hsk for increased tooling flexibility • small o-ring grooves for example found on water and hydraulic pumps • excellent adjustability by a total of 6 mm 0.236 inch in diameter makes it possible to achieve tight tolerances and to increase the groove geometry quality for more information see supplement 15.1 chapter f and

corodrill® 880 with insert grades gc4324 and gc4334 i n t ro d u ci nggc 4 324 and gc4334 gc4324 and gc4334 are highly wear resistant grades for indexable peripheral inserts the secret behind these grades is inveio™ where tightly-packed uni-directional crystals create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone and chip in combination with fine-structured ticn technology featuring hard and wear-resistant coating against abrasive wear the grades also provide improved crater and flank wear resistance heat during the drilling process is rapidly lead away from the cutting zone making the cutting edge last longer gc4324 and gc4334 are suitable for drilling in all types of carbon steels stainless steels cast iron and hardened materials top tin coating top tin coating on the insert flank allows for easy wear detection alumina coating with inveio™ every crystal in the alumina coating is lined up in the same direction towards the top surface enabling high insert wear resistance

more introductions more introductions corobore® 824 extended diameter range it is now possible to use high-precision coroturn® xs inserts for machining diameters of 6–20 mm 0.236–0.787 inch • increased accessibility with coromant eh fine boring heads in small diameters making it easier to bore in complex components • use with solid carbide shanks for increased stability and longer boring depths – up to 6 × diameter • boring bars with indexable inserts and dedicated tool bodies with diameter adjustability increase tooling flexibility while reducing tool investment and inventory costs for more information see supplement 15.1 chapter f corobore® 825 rhombical insert carrier for fine boring the cc06 rhombical insert carrier has an 80° nose angle making the cutting edge corner more stable than triangular inserts • diameters 19–36 mm 0.748–1.42 inch • kappa 95° for wiper inserts produce excellent surface

reference metric to imperial imperial to metric distance distance 1 metre m 39.370 inch in 1 metre m 3.281 feet ft 1 millimetre mm 0.039 inch in 1 inch in 25.4 millimetre mm 1 foot in 0.3 metre m 1 foot in 304.8 millimetre m weight weight 1 kilogram kg 2.205 pounds lbs 1 kilogram kg 35.274 ounces oz 1 pound lb 0.45 kilogram kg 1 ounce oz 28.35 gram g torque torque 1 newton metre nm 0.738 pound-force feet ft-lbs 1 newton metre nm 8.851 pound-force inches in-lbs 1 pound-force foot ft-lbs 1.4 newton metre nm 1 pound-force inch in-lbs 0.1 newton metre nm formulas and definitions metric imperial vc n vf zn zc fz fn hex ap cutting speed m/min ft/min spindle speed rpm rev/min rpm rev/min table feed mm/min in/min total number of cutting edges number of effective cutting edges feed per tooth mm/z in/z feed per revolution mm/rev in/rev maximum thickness mm inch cutting depth mm inch w1 insert width mm inch ae ae dc t q nap cutting width mm inch radial immersion machining