2017 Inside Outerwear Guide by Sanmar

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fleece layer on fleece and microfleece to add a warm touch port authority® heather microfleece full-zip jacket f235 xs-4xl $29.98 port authority® summit fleece full-zip jacket f233 xs-4xl $39.98 port authority® digi stripe fleece jacket f231 xs-4xl $49.98 ogio® endurance cadmium jacket oe502 xs-4xl $59.98 eddie bauer® full-zip heather stretch fleece jacket eb238 xs-4xl $59.98 eddie bauer® ½-zip performance fleece eb234 xs-4xl $59.98 ogio® endurance fulcrum full-zip oe700 xs-4xl $59.98 ogio® endurance sonar full-zip oe702 xs-4xl $63.98 eddie bauer® highpoint fleece jacket eb240 xs-4xl $65.98 ladies heather microfleece full-zip jacket l235 xs-4xl $29.98 ladies summit fleece full-zip jacket l233 xs-4xl $39.98 ladies digi stripe fleece jacket l231 xs-4xl $49.98 ladies cadmium jacket loe502 xs-4xl $59.98 ladies full-zip heather stretch fleece jacket eb239 xs-4xl $59.98 ladies ½-zip performance fleece eb235 xs-4xl $59.98 ladies fulcrum full-zip loe700 xs-4xl $59.98 ladies sonar full-zip loe702 xs-4xl $63.98 ladies highpoint fleece jacket eb241 xs-4xl $65.98 port authority® active soft shell jacket j717 xs-4xl $35.98 port authority® core soft shell jacket j317 xs-6xl $39.98† port authority® welded soft shell jacket j324 xs-4xl $49.98 port authority® back-block soft shell jacket j336 xs-4xl $49.98 port authority® hooded core soft shell jacket j335 xs-4xl $53.98 port authority® hybrid soft shell jacket j787 xs-4xl $59.98 eddie bauer® weather-resist soft shell jacket eb538 xs-4xl $69.98 eddie bauer® stormrepel® soft shell jacket eb540 xs-4xl $69.98 ogio® endurance crux soft shell oe720 xs-4xl $79.98 ladies active soft shell jacket l717 xs-4xl $35.98 ladies core soft shell jacket l317 xs-4xl $39.98† ladies welded soft shell jacket l324 xs-4xl $49.98 ladies hooded core soft shell jacket l335 xs-4xl $53.98 ladies hybrid soft shell jacket l787 xs-4xl $59.98 ladies weather-resist soft shell jacket eb539 xs-4xl $69.98 ladies stormrepel® soft shell jacket eb541 xs-4xl $69.98 ladies crux soft shell loe720 xs-4xl $79.98 port authority® torrent waterproof jacket j333 xs-4xl $49.98 port authority® all-conditions jacket j331 xs-4xl $59.98 port authority® nootka jacket j792 xs-4xl $89.98 port authority® colorblock 3-in-1 jacket j321 xs-4xl $99.98 port authority® vortex waterproof 3-in-1 jacket j332 xs-4xl $119.98 eddie bauer® weatheredge® plus insulated jacket eb554 xs-4xl $139.98 ogio® endurance impact jacket oe750 xs-4xl $199.98 eddie bauer® weatheredge® plus 3-in-1 jacket eb556 xs-4xl $239.98 ladies torrent waterproof jacket l333 xs-4xl $49.98 ladies all-conditions jacket l331 xs-4xl $59.98 ladies nootka jacket l792 xs-4xl $89.98 ladies colorblock 3-in-1 jacket l321 xs-4xl $99.98 ladies vortex waterproof 3-in-1 jacket l332 xs-4xl $119.98 ladies weatheredge® plus insulated jacket eb555 xs-4xl $139.98 soft shells resist rain and wind with our soft shells shells 3-in-1s fight the elements with 3-in-1s and powerhouse shells † price varies by garment color choice prices apply to sizes xs–xl and are subject to change please inquire for pricing on larger sizes good port authority® merge 3-in-1 jacket j338 xs-4xl $89.98 better best