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sidewall core fibre laminate base flex torsion abs hmc fly xenogen triax 45 super speed s8000 ft 6/7 true twin ­ snap rocker ­ all mountain freestyle 151 247w ­ 154 250w ­ 158 253w ­ 161 255w we took one of santa cruz s most iconic and popular pro skate graphics of all time combined that with the modern technology of snap rocker construction a favorite of our professional team for its balanced oh so perfect blend of both camber and rocker threw that on a true twin and the outcome is a board that is quick responsive and a great all mountain freestyle board for any and all that you throw its way the power lyte guadalupe is the board you have been praying for magma white plasma red

sidewall core fibre laminate base flex torsion abs hcm hetero biax 30 speed x3000 ft 5/6 true twin ­ surf rocker ­ park freestyle 138 221w ­ 142 236w ­ 147 240w ­ 150 242w 153 244w ­ 156 248w love is scary and painful sometimes especially when you love snowboarding but what doesn t kill us makes us stronger right snowboarding werewolves climate change bad slams early closing dates at resorts we go thru a lot for the love of snowboarding show o your indestructible nature and your discerning taste with the love is scarry model art by ozzie wright sigma yellow sigma green

sidewall core fibre laminate base flex torsion abs hcm hetero biax 45 speed x5000 ft 5/6 directional twin ­ surf rocker ­ freestyle park 150 237w ­ 154 248w ­ 157 249w ­ 160 252w santa cruz most legendary and infamous skateboard artist jim phillips lays down the top sheet graphic with his famous furry yeti hand his son jimbo phillips a famous artist in his own right penned the massive yeti face on the base graphically one of our heaviest releases of the year two generations of santa cruz art icons combining forces for an abominable snowboard of epic proportions the yetiface is a directional twin with surf rocker construction perfect for keeping it smooth and steady in the parks and perfecting your freestyle tomfoolery magma green sigma

sidewall core fibre laminate base flex torsion cap abs hcm hetero biax 30 speed x3000 ft 3/5 4/6 directional snap rocker ­ 120cm and 130cm models true twin surf rocker ­ 147cm 152cm 154cm and 158cm models 120 210w ­ 130 218w ­ 142 242w ­ 147 244w 152 248w ­ 154 248w ­ 158 252w the bubble gra ti will be your go to park slaying machine one of our only boards to o er a blunted or snub nose and tail the bubble gra ti s unique shape reduces swing weight allowing your board to spin quicker press easier and allows fewer hook-ups on rails backed by our super fun surf the snow styling s of our surf rocker construction and true twin shape take your freestyle progression to the next level on this dude park rats ­ this is your mountain slayer sigma yellow sigma green

sidewall core fibre laminate base flex torsion abs hcm lite hetero biax 45 speed x5000 ft 5/6 true twin ­ 147cm 150cm 153cm and 158cm models directional ­ 162cm and 167cm models 147 246w ­ 150 248w ­ 153 250w ­ 158 249w 162 252w ­ 167 254w style is the answer to everything a fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing to do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it to do a dangerous thing with style is what i call art charles bukowski once wrote he nailed the tail on the donkey and he could have been talking about shredding because within snowboarding style is everything style is king for the discerning shred heads we present the style whether on the slopes park or in the backcountry the style s blend of smooth surf rocker construction and true twin shape will have you rocketing and popping down the mountain like the style master you are plasma red plasma

freestyle ­ park ­ pipe sizes m/l l/xl thanks to the incredible 3d shaped ankle and 3d toecap strap design the new plasma ultra lightweight performance binding provides smooth freestyle ex and razor sharp edge-to-edge control a special eva plasma-cell padding on the foot bed guarantee s you super comfortable rides so you can ride longer and push tricks to the next level the asymmetric highback gives you better traction control optimizing the ex from your leg to the board the new plasma bindings will get your adrenaline pumping and the job done each and every time you strap in features 0xowldgmxvwdeohkljkedfnedvh dqnohvwuds wrhvwudswrhudps dv wdgmxvwphqwvrqvwudsvdqgexfnohv &xvwrpwfxvklrqhg dqnohvwuds &xvwrpwfxvklrqhggwrhfdsvwuds freestyle ­ all mountain sizes m/l boost your riding performance with the new santa cruz quad system featured in the magma model after having slipped your boots for the rst time into the magma binding you will realize immediately that it gives you an

all snowskates are available in white and black plank you want all the freedom and style of riding a skateboarding but on snow no problem skate the snow anytime anywhere as you will with santa cruz snowskates try all of your favorite skate tricks down sets of stairs hand rails launch ramps kickers and curbs you can ip grab ollie slide and shred your favorite snow covered skate spots santa cruz snowskates are made of a super rigid high-density ber reinforced thermoplastic hull with precision channels molded into the base for stability no more white frames around your deck as the new santa cruz snowskates edition comes with full-colored bases the deck top features original santa cruz graphics in combination with the long lasting super grippy eva top shot for increased traction and control skate the snow with con dence and

santa cruz homogen light weight standards all materials used are de ned with high economical standards and optimized blend for lightness and precision the compound glas bre constructions are laminated with homogen bre resin increasing strength of compound construction while keeping weight low feel the di erence hcm homogen core matrix santa cruz homogen core matrix is key succes factor for performance and durability ex and torsion tuning with high energy return are essential elements distinctive for a santa cruz board always keeping in mind that high precision skate style maneuvers are what our customers appreciate just performance and fun xenogen triax tech laminate 30 flex with pop combined with the softness for take-o s and landings and the power grip to form a perfect freestyle rocker board perfect for slope style and jibbing hcm fly homogen poplar matrix with extra lightweight stringers and double bre reinforcement high durable light construction smooth and easy to ride xenogen

celebrating 40 years of experience in the surf and skateboarding industry santa cruz has pioneered numerous innovative concaves cambers and rocker shapes over the years ideas may sound good on paper but until they are conceptualized designed built tested destroyed and analyzed to nd out if the idea enhances the shred experience it s not worth talking about early on santa cruz designed and tested rocker shapes but we were a little ahead of the times no one understand the bene ts of rocker shapes on snowboards and all the pros rode camber boards many still do we continue to listen to our rider s demands testing and re ning what works ne tuning shapes and pro les and introducing rider bene ts like our 3d rocker shape which brings skate shape design features to freestyle snowboard designs this season s line up o ers something for everyone rocker shapes work with you and o er quick edge to edge turn initiation for easier spins and rotations o jumps to traditional camber shapes for

krusty cruzer hey hey kids it s krusty the clown get ready for a ride full of laughter and joy on this very special snowboard the krusty cruzer features the super tough tip-to-tail woodcore construction found in all other santa cruz snowboards giving you all the stability and flexibility you need for onsnow adventures spin it turn it and stomp it on the slopes this season freestyle ­ surf rocker true twin 143 243w ­ 147 245w ­ 150 251w ­ 154 254w 156 255w ­ 159 260w category shape size effective edge sidecut tip width waist width tail width tip length tail length tip/tail height stance sidewall abs core base flex torsion 143 1010 6,4 284 243 284 190 190 50/50 50/58 freestyle surfrocker true twin 147 150 154 1080 1110 1140 7,2 7,2 7,4 287 294 298 245 251 254 287 294 298 195 195 200 195 195 200 50/50 53/53 53/53 52/60 52/60 54/62 abs hetero biax 30 speed x5000 ft5/7 156 1160 7,8 300 255 300 200 200 53/53 54/62 159 1190 7,8 306 260 306 200 200 53/53 54/62 the simpsonstm the simpsonstm ©2013 twentieth century fox film corporation all rights