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60 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 education • early childhood associate teacher • early childhood education • early childhood studies • early intervention assistant • education • infant/toddler teacher • introduction to early care and education — noncredit • transition to college and career – noncredit • transitional kindergarten academic and career paths health and wellness athletic coaching electronic medical records clerk hospital inpatient coder introduction to working with older adults — noncredit • kinesiology/physical education • • • • • • • • • medical administrative assistant medical billing/coding medical coding and billing specialist medical office clerk medical records clerk/receptionist • • • • • medical transcription nutrition and dietetics nursing – registered nurse rehabilitation

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 acctg 6 accounting consolidations 3 or acctg 7 advanced accounting special topics 3 acctg 9 accounting ethics 3 acctg 10a intermediate accounting a 3 acctg 10b intermediate accounting b 3 acctg 10c intermediate accounting c 4 acctg 12 auditing 3 acctg 15 individual income taxes 3 acctg 16 taxation of corporations partnerships estates and trusts 3 bus 5 business law and the legal environment 3 staff accountant formerly general accountant formerly accounting certificate of achievement program learning outcomes upon completion of the program students will effectively comprehend record post and summarize financial accounting information from an original business transaction through the preparation of financial statements and the closing entries at the end of an accounting cycle students will demonstrate the ability to prepare calculations and use financial information for business management and decision making required core courses 16

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 • monterey bay business administration – information systems bs • monterey bay business administration – management and international business bs • monterey bay business administration – marketing bs • northridge business administration – business law bs • northridge business administration – global supply chain management bs • northridge business administration – real estate bs • northridge business administration – systems and operations management bs • northridge economics – general ba • northridge finance – financial analysis bs • northridge finance – financial planning bs • northridge finance – insurance bs • northridge management – general bs • northridge marketing – general bs • pomona business administration – accounting bs • pomona business

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 math 20 intermediate algebra 5 or one of the following math 2 7 8 10 13 15 21 22 23 24 26 28 29 41 54 computer science associate degree or certificate of achievement this program covers a broad spectrum of courses ranging from core computer science to a variety of branch fields of computer science this academic and career path provides the student with the basic skills required of core computer science courses include programming in low-level and essential languages database theory operating systems fundamentals computer hardware and data structures students finishing this program are well equipped to work in the field of computer science as well as transfer to a four-year degree program in this area program learning outcomes upon completion of the program students will manage projects analyze systems develop software and program in a variety of computer languages author webpages and develop web applications utilize networks and computer

102 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 academic and career paths childhood education and count toward the professional growth requirement for the renewal of an existing child development permit the program consists of a sequence of courses that prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed to gain employment as an entry-level assistant teacher or family child care provider this includes an understanding of child development from birth to age 5 basic principles of early care and education planning culturally responsive curriculum communicating with children and families licensing regulations health and safety standards and employment seeking strategies this certificate of completion is not intended as a substitute for any certificate or associate in science – early childhood education or related degrees coursework which provide state-mandated education and fieldwork experience leading to a child development permit and employment as an early care and education

112 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 second year fall fashn 9a fashion illustration and advertising 3 fashn 10 advanced design and construction 3 fashn 13 draping i 3 second year spring fashn 12 fashion show production 3 fashn 18 computer assisted fashion illustrator and design 2 fashion elective 3 academic and career paths fashion merchandising associate degree or certificate of achievement see recommended course sequence below program learning outcomes upon completion of the program students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and assess the marketable trends in fashion and lifestyle product lines for all target markets understand the logistics from fashion production to wholesale retail and resale develop pre and post-promotional activities necessary to launch brands/private labels in order to maintain success in the local and global marketplace utilize critical thinking in solving design sales or promotional issues have the ability to utilize software applicable

122 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 program offered • interaction design bachelor degree • see also graphic design academic and career paths interaction design bachelor of science degree the interaction design bachelor of science degree program blends the fields of design user experience ux and technology the proliferation of innovations — from mobile apps medical devices and wearable technology to connected appliances and self-driving cars — is creating strong demand for a new breed of designer who understands the user and employs a user-centered approach the success of a new product or service in the competitive fastpaced world of high technology hinges upon the quality of the user’s first experience with the product interaction designers ensure that products and services are appealing effective and intuitive for their users by designing the behavior organization and aesthetics of the system to create successful end-to-end experiences

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 microbiology see biological sciences modern languages santa monica college offers language development courses in american sign language arabic chinese french german hebrew italian japanese korean linguistics persian portuguese russian spanish and turkish programs offered • transfer preparation • african and middle eastern studies department certificate 16 units • asian studies department certificate 16 units • latin american studies department certificate 16 units • see also spanish associate degree for transfer many colleges/universities offer baccalaureate degrees in various languages and linguistics students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should complete the lower-division major requirements and the general education pattern for the specific transfer institution smc has articulation agreements with the many uc and csu campuses as well as several private and out-of-state

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 oftech 20 medical vocabulary 3 oftech 24 medical coding/billing 1 3 oftech 27 medical office procedures 3 143 oftech 1c keyboarding 1c 1 oftech 9 keyboarding improvement 1 oftech 10 skill building on the keyboard 3 social media assistant certificate of achievement electronic medical records clerk department certificate social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with consumers this program is designed to give students an understanding of the concepts involved in marketing and the role social media plays in advertising public relations branding and corporate communication strategies this program prepares students for entry-level clerical positions involving electronic health records ehr training is provided in computer basics medical terminology and electronic records technology ehr clerks work in hospitals physicians’ offices and nursing homes — typically under the direction of a manager or supervisor

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 rrm 4 resource management and zero waste for business 3 note golden west college and irvine valley college also offer a certificate in recycling and zero waste the courses will be accepted at each institution in the manner shown on the recycling and zero waste courses chart on page 152 respiratory therapy program offered • respiratory therapy associate degree respiratory therapy associate degree program learning outcomes students who complete the respiratory therapy program will accurately initiate conduct and modify prescribed therapeutic procedures using clinical data graduates will participate in developing and evaluating respiratory care plans and monitor and record patient response to the care both in clinical settings and emergency situations please note students must have completed physiology and microbiology within the last 7 years at the time of entry into the respiratory therapy program required courses anatmy 1 human

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 • stanislaus philosophy – graduate school track ba • stanislaus political science – general ba • stanislaus social sciences – interdepartmental studies ba • stanislaus social sciences – international studies ba • stanislaus social sciences – urban and community studies ba • stanislaus sociology – criminology and society ba • stanislaus sociology – general ba • stanislaus sociology – human services ba • stanislaus sociology – social justice ba • stanislaus spanish – general ba 163 psych 7 research methods in psychology 3 or sociol 4 sociological analysis 3 zoology see biological sciences transfer and program requirements are subject to change for the most up-to-date information regarding transfer preparation visit assist.org and regarding degree and certificate requirements visit smc.edu/articulation academic and