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374 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 college policies rules and regulations this section of the smc catalog offers a summary overview of selected santa monica college policies rules regulations and related procedures information was current when this edition of the catalog was published santa monica community college district administration reserves the right to add amend or repeal any of its policies rules regulations and procedures at any time the information provided in this section is subject to change without notice please see the district’s administrative regulations at smc edu/adminregulations for additional details as well as information on topics not covered in this or other sections of the catalog student right-to-know statement to comply with the student right-to-know and campus security act of 1990 public law 101-542 — also known as the jean clery disclosure act — santa monica college makes available the completion and transfer rates of

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 the college has instituted an honor code that students are expected to uphold and has established an honor council responsible for promoting addressing and resolving issues pertaining to academic integrity general principles that guide the honor code and honor council include the following • honesty means fairness and straightforwardness of conduct and implies a refusal to lie steal or deceive in any way • integrity implies that one is true to a trust and adheres to a code of moral values • social responsibility demonstrated by adherence to policies of the institution departments labs libraries and individual classes and • respect and civility implies that one will conduct oneself in a courteous and respectful manner in communications and actions toward members of the campus community all students are expected to uphold the honor code as testament to their commitment and readiness to join the santa monica college

376 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 classroom for an assignment in an examination or when engaging in any other kind of academic activity faculty responsibilities in order to maintain an environment of academic integrity members of the faculty at santa monica college are expected to 1 make every attempt to conduct their classes in a manner that encourages honorable behavior and learning supports student success and discourages academic dishonesty 2 inform students of course requirements grading procedures and expectations for acceptable academic conduct and behavior 3 inform students of the college’s code of academic conduct and the consequences and disciplinary actions that will be implemented if any behavior counter to the code of academic conduct occurs 4 inform students of their right to due process should they wish to contest an allegation of cheating or engaging in any other form of academic dishonesty and 5 ensure that the appropriate process for reporting

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 7 willful or blatant misuse of e-mail or other inappropriate forms of communication to faculty staff or students including communication by written notes phone voicemail or any form of electronic communication 8 possession use sale or being under the influence of any controlled substance or any poison classified as such by schedule d in section 4160 of the california business and professions code 9 smoking in any area where smoking has been prohibited by law or by regulation of the board of trustees 10 persistent serious misconduct where other means of correction have failed to bring about proper conduct 11 dishonesty of any kind including academic dishonesty 12 forgery alteration or misuse of college documents records or identification 13 obstruction or disruption of any teaching research administration disciplinary procedures or other college activities including but not limited to community events or other authorized activities on

378 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 a description of activities that constitute sexual harassment the procedures for filing or appealing a sexual harassment complaint and a discussion of issues related to sexual harassment can be found in “sexual harassment prevention” smc ar 3121 “rules for student conduct” smc ar 4410 and the “ethics statement” smc ar 5220 adopted by the academic senate see smc.edu adminregulations for the district’s administrative regulations file a report electronically email hrcomplaints@smc.edu sexual misconduct section 67385 of the education code requires that community college districts adopt and implement procedures to ensure prompt response to victims of sexual violence which occur on campus as well as providing them with information regarding treatment options and services no community can be totally risk-free in today’s society however by working together students faculty staff and visitors

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 written reprimand a written reprimand issued by the college disciplinarian serves to place a statement in a student’s disciplinary records not the student’s academic records that the student has not met the standards of conduct set forth above 1 the student has an opportunity to write a response to the reprimand and the response will be placed on record with the reprimand and 2 with regard to written reprimands there will be no hearing or appeal to the student conduct appeals or sexual assault committee disciplinary probation a student who fails to meet the standards of conduct may be placed on disciplinary probation by the college disciplinarian the student will be notified in writing that continued conduct of the type described in a “notice of disciplinary probation” will result in a more severe disciplinary sanction the notice of disciplinary probation must include 1 the period of time the student is to be on

380 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 become disciplinary problems it is just as crucial for members of the faculty to feel that they have support in dealing with extremely challenging and often disruptive students the office of student judicial affairs works to strike a balance between the college’s community standards and individual behavior when appropriate the office of student judicial affairs provides referrals to other programs on the smc campus the office of student judicial affairs interviews all parties named in police and referral reports the college disciplinarian — who has initial authority to suspend students for violations of the student conduct code — conducts interviews reviews all interview notes and information available and makes final decisions regarding the outcome of disciplinary cases to find out more about the services and resources the office of student judicial affairs provides see our website at smc.edu/disciplinarian or

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 program removal appeals due process procedures exist to assist faculty and departments in removing a student from a program in which the student is unable to profit and/or a program in which the student’s behavior is determined to be unsafe in general the overall process for determining whether a student meets the specific standards of a particular program may include up to three levels of intervention the instructor resources 381 level the program or department level and the college level joint administration-faculty committee any student who wishes to appeal dismissal from a program may file the appeal with the chair of the program standards appeals committee the student will be able to present his or her case within ten 10 school days of filing the committee hearings will be closed to the public areas of responsibility contact information the ombudsperson acts as a listening ear conciliator mediator and resource for students

382 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 college policies rules and regulations resources areas of responsibility contact information office of human resources the office of human resources oversees h.r.smc.edu/humanresources related policies and procedures at smc please 310-434-4415 contact the office of human resources regarding • unlawful discrimination or harassment including sexual harassment • complaints about violations of the district’s policy regarding workplace/campus violence and anti-bullying • employee grievances under the district’s collective bargaining agreements • complaints concerning district personnel • for general assistance about complaints information about where to file a complaint and information about whistleblower complaints office of risk management the office of risk management oversees smc.edu/riskmanagement environmental compliance occupational 310-434-4102 health and safety and the district’s

santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 general smc complaint process notice listed below are resources available to persons who wish to file a complaint at smc students who have a complaint should go to the website for the applicable resource below and follow the complaint processes of that area student privacy rights – annual notification or grievance committee or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks a school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibilities for college upon request the college also discloses education records without consent to officials of another school in which a student seeks or intends to enroll ferpa requires that the college with certain exceptions obtain a student’s written consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the student’s education records however the

384 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 campus and community safety the board of trustees of the santa monica community college district has established a “community college police department” — known as the smc police department and generally referred to as campus police — to protect the members of the college community and the property of the district santa monica college is committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment for students faculty staff and visitors college facilities are regularly patrolled 24 hours a day seven days a week by members of the smc police department smc students are employed to work as police aides and during evening hours to accompany students and staff who request an escort to and from on-campus facilities abundant lighting is provided at all santa monica college campuses and parking lots the college also employs parking enforcement officers with training specific to parking enforcement and emergencies