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santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 emphasizes hands-on instruction in ornamental and edible gardening techniques native plants and water conservation hort e04 home gardening and plants this course helps older adults select and maintain a small garden or group of plants in an indoor environment the course is designed especially for older adults in residential or daycare facilities and helps older adults get the most pleasure out of gardening while socializing with others and using as many life skills as possible 343 th art e30 dramatic interpretation through movies this course helps older adults explore the art technology language and appreciation of film from the point of view of the older adult older adult students analyze the fundamentals of film production as a means of encouraging mental stimulation and peer socialization film examples are shown in class for comparison and discussion political science pol sc e00 current events this course increases older adults’ understanding of local national and international current affairs and how it affects their lives as well as the world around them older adults consider the political economic and social movements that determine domestic and foreign policies in the united states and around the world theater arts th art e01 principles of acting this course allows older adults to explore the human condition in historical and contemporary dramatic literature fairy tales myths and legends satire and parody by learning how to analyze and interpret these texts older adults will be able to craft the characters that inhabit these stories through the transformative process of creativity older adults improve their acting skills and participate in a public performance which builds self-confidence and self esteem th art e02 theater arts appreciation this course expands older adults’ knowledge of play production methods and the history of the theater as it relates to current society and the life experiences of older adults older adults will learn about theater production from the viewpoint of the director actor critic and viewer th art e05 reader’s theater this course increases older adults’ knowledge of how to present dramatic literature and allows them to express themselves by reading scenes poetry illuminating literature or speeches in front of an audience older adults also interpret plays and practice acting skills with their peers this course expands older adults’ experience with dramatic literature without requiring perfect recall from memory course descriptions humdev e15 theater – history of comedy this seminar provides a supportive environment for older adults to discuss with their peers a variety of topics of interest to seniors including the study of aging public policy related to older adults philosophy literature music and musicals or religion the course is designed to allow older adults to relate any of these topics to their life experiences and socialize with others in similar stages of life specific topics may vary from semester to semester and may include the history of comedy the great american songbook etc.