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192 santa monica college catalog 2019–2020 chinese except in cases of linguistic difficulty as determined by the professor applied and service-learning field experience within a public agency educational institution and citizen volunteer groups is a requirement of this class course descriptions chnese 9 chinese culture and tradition 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 3b arts and humanities • prerequisite none this course encompasses the accomplishments of chinese civilization from pre-historical beginnings to the early twentieth century the fundamentals of chinese philosophy religion art literature and language are covered and provide an understanding and appreciation of the world’s oldest continuing culture the course is taught in english chinese 99 applied learning in chinese 1 unit transfer csu • corequisite any course in chinese this course — taken in tandem with another course in the discipline — enables a student to apply course content in a meaningful and relevant way to a particular activity in this hands-on course students engage in applied learning through unpaid experiential activities organized by the student in conjunction with smc’s applied/service learning center and approved by the instructor students will develop a customized reading list relevant to their particular activity complete a minimum of 15 hours of volunteer work with that activity and submit academically-sound written reports regarding the activity by applying course material to their experience students develop a deeper understanding of the discipline cinema please see listing under “film studies.” communication please see listing under “media studies.” communication studies communication studies offers students courses that combine theory and application in many areas of the discipline these courses encourage our students to apply conceptual material to daily interactions in a variety of communication contexts in addition our discipline provides a wide range of course offerings in the communication studies major oral communication focuses on the skills and knowledge needed for creating effective and appropriate public communication skills courses include public speaking oral interpretation of literature persuasion group communication argumentation and competitive speech and debate students completing courses in oral communication gain practical skills in researching developing and presenting ideas and arguments in a variety of contexts preparing them for upper division workplace and personal presentations communication theory focuses on human communication theory especially as it relates to the interpersonal and/or group levels of communication courses in this area include interpersonal group communication intercultural communication gender and communication communication theory and research methodologies students completing courses in the communication theory area learn theoretical knowledge to prepare them for transfer into communication studies programs at the university and practical communication skills to improve their own interpersonal effectiveness com st 9 introduction to communication studies 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 4 social and behavioral sciences • prerequisite none this course is a survey of the discipline of communication studies that emphasizes the history interest areas major theories and contemporary and emerging issues in the field this course will specifically cover interpersonal group intercultural mass and health communication in addition to an overview of public speaking com st 11 elements of public speaking 3 units transfer uc csu c-id comm 110 igetc area 1c oral communication • prerequisite none formerly speech 1 this is a course in public speaking for students learning to prepare and deliver platform speeches assignments include speeches of description exposition and persuasion techniques for controlling tension building self-confidence and effective listening are emphasized com st 12 persuasion 3 units transfer uc csu c-id comm 190 igetc area 1c oral communication or 3b humanities • advisory communication studies 11 formerly speech 2 this course focuses on the development of persuasion in rhetorical perspective with an emphasis on balancing logic emotion and credibility in public speaking the history of classical rhetoric in ancient greece and rome as well as great speakers in american history are emphasized com st 13 voice and diction 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none formerly speech 3 this course focuses on improvement in voice and articulation it features analysis of the student’s voice and articulation problems and offers specific strategies for improvement techniques in relaxation breath control articulation vocal variety and pronunciation are emphasized in addition students learn skills in oral interpretation public speaking and transcription of the international phonetic alphabet com st 14 oral interpretation performing literature across cultures 3 units transfer csu c-id comm 170 satisfies global citizenship • advisory communication studies 11 formerly speech 4 this course focuses on the oral interpretation of poetry and prose with a special emphasis on literature by