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32 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 transferring from santa monica college academics transfer information many students use santa monica college as the freshman and sophomore years of a four-year college plan in fact smc is a leader in transferring students to four-year colleges and universities including the uc and csu systems each of these institutions has a list of courses that must be completed to satisfy its general education and lower division major requirements students intending to transfer to a four-year institution should identify which transferable courses are required for both their major and general education students are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor to develop an academic plan best suited for their transfer institution and intended major the following checklist should help a student establish transfer goals 1 identify admission requirements 2 identify general education requirements 3 identify preparation for the major 4 determine whether the

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 uc applications uc applications are available august 1 uc priority application filing period to attend apply fall november 1-30 winter july 1-31 spring october 1-31 all uc campuses accept applications for fall admission to determine which uc campuses accept in winter and/or spring call the specific campuses or see for details transfer admission requirements for the university of california uc the minimum requirements for uc transfer admission can be found at these include • complete the following 7-course pattern by the end of the spring term prior to fall enrollment at uc • two transferable courses in english composition • one transferable course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning • four transferable college courses chosen from at least two of the following subject areas – arts and humanities – social

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 37 • art history aa-t • business administration as-t • communication studies aa-t • early childhood education as-t • economics aa-t • geography aa-t • history aa-t • journalism aa-t • kinesiology aa-t • mathematics as-t • nutrition and dietetics as-t • political science aa-t • spanish aa-t • studio arts aa-t • theatre arts aa-t course identification system c-id the course identification numbering system—referred to as c-id—is a common numbering system used to identify comparable courses at different california community colleges a course with a c-id will generally be accepted at participating california community colleges and california state university csu campuses for example geography 1 is listed with a c-id of geog 110 in the smc schedule of classes and catalog as a result students can be assured that geography 1 will generally be

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 39 intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc requirements all courses must be completed with a grade of c 2.0 or higher courses used to meet igetc requirements must have a minimum of 3 semester or 4 quarter units exceptions may be made for english composition and math see a counselor for details   key  to  symbols  used    “same  as…”  or     “formerly  same  as…”   ∇         gc   courses  which  are  or  were  previously  offered  in  more  than  one  discipline  cross-­‐listed  students  may  receive  credit  for   only  one  of  the  cross-­‐listed  courses  see  course  descriptions  for  details   course  is  listed  in  more  than  one  ge  area  but  cannot  be  used  to

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 41 area  6  foreign  language  required  for  uc  only   this  requirement  may  be  fulfilled  by  completion  of  two  years  of  one  foreign  language  in  high  school  with  a  grade  of   c-­‐  or  higher  high  school   transcripts  must  be  on  file  at  santa  monica  college  or  by  completion  of  an  smc  language  course  other  than  english  numbered  1  2  3  4  11  or   12  students  who  complete  any  part  of  their  education  between  the  9th  and  12th  grade  at  an  institution  where  the  language  of  instruction  is   other  than  english  will  not  receive  uc  unit  credit  for  courses  taken  at  smc

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 43 csu general education requirements students may follow the pattern of study outlined below or the intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc to meet lower-division general education requirements for the csu system • • • smc does not accept foreign coursework from non-u.s regionally accredited institutions to meet csu ge requirements important courses in areas a1 a2 a3 and b4 must be completed with a grade of c or higher in each course for information regarding “csu certification” see the transfer section of the catalog a2  1  course  must  be  completed  with  a  c  2.0  or  higher  3  semester/4-­‐5  quarter  units   • engl  1       a3  1  course  3  semester/4-­‐5  quarter  units       • bus  32     • com  st  21∇ formerly  speech  11  

46 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 santa monica college general education requirements to earn an associate degree from smc students may follow the general education requirements outlined below the csu ge requirements or the igetc requirements students intending to transfer to a 4-year institution should follow either the igetc or csu ge requirements consult a counselor for advice academics smc ge   key  to  symbols  used    “same  as…”  or     “formerly  same  as…”       gc   courses  which  are  or  were  previously  offered  in  more  than  one  discipline  cross-­‐listed    students  may  receive  credit  for   only  one  of  the  cross-­‐listed  courses    see  course  descriptions  for  details   course  in  parenthesis  is  no  longer  offered  

academics smc ge 48 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 v  global  citizenship  3  semester  units  from  the  courses  listed  below  or  successful  completion  of  an  smc  study  abroad  experience  if  completed   gc spring  2008  or  later  credit  awarded  through  petition    note    many  of  these  courses  noted  with    above  are  also  in  ge  areas  i  iia  iib  and  iii   and  can  be  used  to  satisfy  both  areas   • antrho  2  14  19  21   • health  60  same  as  nursng  60   • ahis  6  11  72   • hist  6  10  14  same  as  envrn  14  25  satisfies  gc   requirement  if  completed  fall  2014  or  later  32  same  as   • astron  6  

50 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 exam   english  –  language     composition     english  –  literature     composition   academics credit by exam ap  english  exam   limitations   smc  associate  degree     major  and/or  ge   engl  1  plus  3  elective  units    6  units  only  3  ge  units   engl  1  plus  3  humanities   ge  units    6  units  6  ge   units  or  3  humanities  ge   units  plus  3  elective  units     6  units  3  ge  units     environmental  science     no  course  equivalency   ge  natural  science   3  semester  units   french  language     culture   french  literature     culture   german  language     culture   government    politics   –

52 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 credit by exam college level examination program clep students must have the college board send clep exam results to the admissions office hand carried copies will not be accepted for use on a degree or ge pattern clep exams cannot be used to meet the igetc requirements uc does not accept clep exams clep exams may be incorporated into csu ge requirements by any certifying institution all csu campuses will accept the minimum units shown and apply them toward fulfillment of the designated csu ge area if the examination is included as part of a full or subject-area certification please note that individual csu campuses may choose to grant more units than those specified toward completion of csu ge requirements students should check with other prospective transfer institutions regarding acceptance of clep scores english and mathematics clep exams cannot be used for placement or as a waiver for a prerequisite academics credit by exam clep

  54 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 credit by exam international baccalaureate ib exams note all exams must be higher level hl students may earn credit for international baccalaureate ib exams with scores listed below for higher level hl exams ib credit can be used to meet the smc ge requirements an acceptable ib score is equivalent to 3 semester units or 4 quarter units uc and csu campuses may award more units in transfer ib credit granted at smc may differ from course credit and units granted by a transfer institution minimum   score  for   smc  and   csu   smc  ge   area   units   toward   smc   degree   csu   semester   credits   earned   csu  ge   credits   csu  ge   area   minimum   score  for   igetc   ib  biology   5   i   3   6   3   b2   5   ib  chemistry   5   i   3   6   3   b1   5   ib  economics   5   ii  b