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santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 eligibility any person who has graduated from high school or who is 18 years of age or older may be admitted to santa monica college if he or she meets the residency requirements and can profit from the program please see the residency information below for important details regarding california residency requirements and how they apply to students attending santa monica college residency the following is a summary of santa monica college’s residency rules and their exceptions for more detailed information please visit the residency webpage go to and click on the “residency” link in the policies programs section of the webpage see the college policies section of the schedule of classes or contact a residence specialist in the admissions records office • each person applying for admission to or enrolled in a california community college is classified for tuition purposes as either a

18 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 admission attendance information manent residence dates on documents must correspond with physical presence of one year and one day prior to the start of the semester/session being attended bring documentation to the admissions office restrictions apply please go to for further details residence of a minor • your “official” california high school transcript or copy of your elementary and middle school transcript as relevant in a sealed envelope showing your attendance for three or more years and date of graduation note adult school does not count toward years of attendance unmarried minors those younger than 18 years of age are by law incapable of establishing their own residences notwithstanding their physical presence within california the admissions office will use the following guidelines for determining a minor’s residence • if you did not graduate from a california high school but

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 steps to become an smc student to become an smc student requires being admitted to smc completing some processes and enrolling in classes a student who has never attended santa monica college new student or has been away from smc for two or more consecutive semesters returning student must file an application for admission the application—available online at—provides the college with information that satisfies state registration requirements and initiates the education planning process new students are strongly encouraged to arrange for official transcripts from the high schools and colleges they have previously attended to be sent directly to the smc admissions office 1900 pico blvd santa monica ca 90405 new students enrolling in more than six 6 units are also required to complete the assessment process for english or esl and for math go to for details transcripts from previous schools and

20 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 to be accepted at smc an international student must admission attendance information • be at least 16 years old by the first day of classes note students who are 16 or 17 years old must be high school graduates • provide proof of english proficiency for a list of tests and other ways to prove proficiency go to international • submit a completed international student application for admission to smc • submit a 500-word autobiographical essay describing the student’s reasons for applying to smc • submit a financial statement proving ability to meet education expenses of being a student minimum $27,500 and • submit official transcripts and a nonrefundable application fee transferability of coursework from other institutions will be reviewed after a student has been admitted to santa monica college students who do not have the required english proficiency are encouraged to apply to

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 for detailed information on the assessment process at santa monica college see the assessment center website call 310 434-8040 or visit the assessment center located in room 109 of the liberal arts building all students are strongly encouraged to watch the informational videos at the prep2test webpage prep2test santa monica college has prepared two easyto-understand videos that explain assessment requirements and the assessment process and that offer students a selection of helpful tools including practice tests to prepare for assessment and strengthen self-confidence english esl math assessment santa monica college requires students to undergo the assessment process in english or esl and in math if they are • first-time college students who are enrolling in more than six 6 units during their first semester at smc with a declared goal of an associate degree certificate of achievement transfer basic

22 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 demonstrate that the relevant prerequisite for that course was completed successfully admission attendance information waivers based on placement test results santa monica college does not automatically accept assessment results from other institutions exceptions may be made under the following very limited circumstances and only on a case-by-case basis • out-of-state students applying to smc students who are eligible to enroll at smc and planning to move to california to attend smc may be allowed to complete placement tests at another institution but only if those assessment tests are the same as the ones in use at smc see below for test names and the students have completed the tests within the past calendar year however smc will apply its own “cut” scores in determining a student’s placement eligibility • students who meet the above criteria must take for english accuplacer reading comprehension and

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 retesting policy expiration of assessment scores all assessment results are valid for a period of one calendar year students should make sure they enroll in the courses their assessment results qualified them for before their assessment results expire once the results have expired students will be blocked from enrolling in those courses and will need to retest identification card policy a valid form of photo identification issued by a government agency e.g a passport driver license military id financial institution or high school is required for testing the assessment center also reserves the right to request a secondary form of id a student id card may be used only as a secondary form of identification please note all acts of impersonation attempted impersonation and/or the use of fraudulent id cards or passports will be reported to campus police and student judicial affairs for review and adjudication campus police will refer all such

24 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 admission attendance information at and clicking on “online myedplan workshops” in the “smc quick links” menu on the left side of the screen myedplan “planning your future” in-person dropin workshops are also offered see for schedule enroll to enroll at smc students should start by going to smc edu/enrollinfo and choosing their classes the webpage provides links to a schedule planner a searchable online class schedule and course descriptions while students may enroll at any time after their enrollment date and time they are encouraged to enroll as close to their assigned date and time as possible since students who come after them in priority will quickly fill classes all enrollment transactions at smc take place online via the “corsair connect” link at students may enroll from any location with internet access as well as from any computer in the

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 international students please note the cost of tuition and fees is approximately $9,500 a year spring and fall semesters for living expenses it is estimated that students will need an additional $17,500 nonresident tuition enrollment fee medical insurance $3,708 309 per unit x 12 units $552 46 per unit x 12 units subject to change $600 for 6 months other student fees student id card associated student activities health services fee total per semester $51.50 $4,911.50 total per academic year $4,911.50 x 2 semesters $9,823 fees subject to change upper division coursework fee b.s in interaction design the mandatory upper division coursework fee for students pursuing the bachelor of science degree in interaction design is $84 per graded unit this fee is in addition to the $46 per unit enrollment fee for a total of $130 per graded unit for students classified as residents students classified as nonresidents must pay the mandatory upper

26 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 admission attendance information the display of a dmv accessible placard and an smc parking decal permits students to park in any accessible student or staff parking space inter-campus shuttle service is free in addition smc students who have paid their fees and “activated” their current smc student id card can ride any big blue bus any time for free cars with activated alarms in the smc parking areas will be towed immediately at the car owner’s expense please see the information at or consult the schedule of classes for up-to-date information on parking decal requirements and fees instructions on how to obtain a parking decal in person or online intercampus shuttle information and links to commuter bus schedules and route maps returned payments outstanding balances returned checks and rejected credit card payments are subject to a fee of up to $25 and are taken care of at the auxiliary

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 ning services and education plan development and a variety of follow-up services for at-risk students students filing as matriculants must 2 complete the orientation program provided online at to become familiar with the college and its programs 3 arrange for transcripts of previous college work or high school transcript if they have no previous college work to be sent to the admissions office and 4 create an education plan prior to enrollment and receive academic counseling about class selections new college students must complete these procedures before they will be permitted to enroll in classes and are encouraged to make arrangements to have the appropriate transcripts from other institutions sent directly to the admissions office transcripts should be received by smc at least four weeks before the start of the semester new applicants will receive a notice from the college specifying which matriculation steps are

28 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 1 identify an education and career goal after completing the 15th unit of degree-applicable coursework or before the end of the third semester whichever comes first admission attendance information 2 engage diligently in course activities and complete assigned coursework and 3 complete courses and maintain progress toward an education goal special matriculation responsibilities santa monica college requires certain types of students to accept special responsibilities if they wish to achieve their education and personal goals probationary students students on academic and/or progress probation must develop contracts with counselors for returning to good standing undeclared students students who have not declared education goals must meet with a counselor to develop a career or academic plan no later than the semester before enrolling for a 16th unit of credit at smc students enrolled in pre-college courses students taking remedial