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santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 taxes pensions leases and full disclosure in financial reporting acctg 11 cost accounting 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite accounting 2 this course focuses on cost accounting theory with emphasis on job order and process cost accounting accounting methods for material labor and factory overhead and preparation of financial statements from cost data topics include cost management concepts activity cost behavior job order costing process costing budgeting standard costing cost/volume/profit analysis and tactical decisionmaking acctg 12 auditing 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none • advisory accounting 2 this course covers the role and responsibility of certified public accountants in the audit of financial statements emphasis will be placed on verification of balance sheets and internal control of accounting systems and accounting cycles topics include aicpa and pcaob auditing standards professional ethics legal

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 this course is designed to heighten awareness of culture and its impact on successful business enterprises the student will develop skills to identify areas where culture and business intersect by focusing on four subsets of american culture european americans chicano/latinos african americans and asian americans as well as on international cultures emphasis will be placed on how a firm’s success is affected by both domestic and global issues influencing intercultural communication bus 52 international marketing 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this course focuses on marketing management problems techniques and strategies necessary to incorporate the marketing concept into the framework of the world marketplace this course is designed to promote an understanding of the impact that a country’s culture and environment have on the marketing mix as well as the problems of competing in markets having different

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 a dba’s responsibilities oracle architecture installing oracle software configurational options managing ram and disk space managing database changes managing transactions tuning and monitoring database resources such as space transactions memory and file usage cs 70 network fundamentals and architecture 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none • advisory one programming course this course offers a broad introduction to networking concepts and analyzes different network architectures introductory topics include network topologies media and signaling protocols addressing and distributed networks the varied ways to connect computers are explored as are the resulting architectures the course explores subnetting both physical and virtual and internetworks are constructed in the lab server programs are introduced to demonstrate their signature socket-api structure specific real-world services such as the apache web server

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 ece 11 child family and community 3 units transfer uc csu c-id cdev 110 igetc area 4 social and behavioral sciences satisfies global citizenship • advisory psychology 11 this course is an examination of the developing child in a societal context focusing on the interrelationship of family school and community with an emphasis on historical and socio-cultural factors studies of family systems in contemporary society as they impact children and their individual heritage diverse culture ability and language will be examined highlighting at least three major american cultures latino american african american asian american native american and european american the processes of socialization and identity development will be highlighted showing the importance of respectful reciprocal relationships that support and empower families ece 17 introduction to curriculum 3 units ece 19 teaching in a diverse society 3 units transfer csu c-id ece

214 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 ideas and details and an author’s purpose and tone they will analyze passages from fiction and non-fiction students are encouraged to take esl 17 concurrently with esl 11a or 11b esl 20a advanced grammar workshop 3 units • skills advisory esl 11a or esl 11b or assessment placement in esl or english groups a or b this course is designed to increase a student’s grammar and sentence-writing skill students will recognize and employ the sophisticated language necessary for successful completion of esl 21a and esl 21b concurrent enrollment in this course is highly recommended for success in esl 21a and esl 21b esl 20b advanced grammar and editing 3 units • skills advisory esl 11a or esl 11b or assessment placement in esl or english groups a or b this is an advanced grammar course designed to improve a student’s syntax and editing proficiency concurrent enrollment in this course is highly recommended for

230 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 this course introduces students to the basic concepts of remote sensing characteristics of remote sensors and remote sensing applications in academic disciplines and professional industries emphases are placed on remote sensing data acquisition digital image processing and interpretation the course is designed for students interested in the earth observing system environmental monitoring techniques and image analysis geography 26 is the same course as gis 26 students may earn credit for one but not both geog 35f field study california 1 unit transfer csu • prerequisite none this course combines classroom and laboratory studies with actual field studies in geography field experiences are designed to apply basic geographic concepts and techniques in the study of diverse landscapes and the processes shaping them students will attend two 3-hour lecture classes and are required to attend two planned weekend field trips that include

246 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 students enrolling in this course should have basic computer skills this course covers the rendering of finished perspective drawings using digital media software such as photoshop students explore interior materials light color texture and shadows for 3 dimensional form the emphasis is on producing realistic effects in an interior setting this course uses google sketch up and adobe photoshop intarc 69 custom residential design 3 units • advisory interior architectural design 51 this course applies the architectural interior design process to space planning materials finish choices codes application and specialized equipment unique to custom residential spaces intarc 70 3d digital rendering and animation 3 units transfer csu • advisory interior architectural design 38 this is a studio course in 3d computer animation it will cover computer animation in a virtual interior with an emphasis on lighting textures and camera

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 • prerequisite none formerly communication 10 this course is an historical overview of media in the united states using readings from selected texts clips from movies radio and television broadcasts as well as period literature students analyze and debate representations in the media with a focus on class gender and race/ethnicity critical thinking is stressed in this course media 11 introduction to broadcasting 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none formerly broadcasting 1 radio television and related electronic media are introduced in this course with emphasis on history programming fcc regulations operations economics and social impact the course also includes an examination of the newer technologies such as the internet cable direct broadcast satellites computers wireless phones and the communications technology revolution media 12 broadcasting programming and management 3 units media 13 broadcasting announcing and

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 this interdisciplinary course in philosophy and political science examines arguments and discourses developed within contemporary political thought how those discourses critique and/or are rooted in modern ideologies such as liberalism and socialism will be considered the theoretical perspectives presented in the course will be used to critically examine important issues in contemporary politics students will situate themselves as citizens and political agents in relation to those issues philosophy 52 is the same course as political science 52 students may earn credit for one but not both philos 88a independent studies in philosophy 1 unit transfer csu please see “independent studies” section philos 88b independent studies in philosophy 2 units transfer csu please see “independent studies” section photography photo 1 introduction to photography 3 units photo 2 basic

santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 students may receive credit for either spanish 1 2 sequence or spanish 11 but not both this course using the natural approach introduces the students to basic vocabulary and fundamental sentence structure in the present and preterit tenses basic aural and reading comprehension is developed and students hold simple conversations and write short compositions about present and past actions this course is taught in spanish except in the case of linguistic difficulty as determined by the professor language lab is required span 2 elementary spanish ii 5 units span 3 intermediate spanish i 5 units transfer uc csu c-id span 200 igetc area 3b humanities • prerequisite none • advisory spanish 2 students may receive credit for either spanish 3 or spanish 12 but not both this course is taught through thematic units in spanish on a variety of current and cultural topics in addition this course reviews spanish grammar emphasizing idiomatic

308 santa monica college catalog 2017–2018 theater arts th art e01 principles of acting for older adults this course allows older adults to explore the human condition in historical and contemporary dramatic literature fairy tales myths and legends satire and parody by learning how to analyze and interpret these texts older adults will be able to craft the characters that inhabit these stories through the transformative process of creativity older adults improve their acting skills and participate in a public performance which builds self-confidence and self esteem th art e02 theater arts appreciation for older adults this course expands older adults’ knowledge of play production methods and the history of the theater as it relates to current society and the life experiences of older adults older adults will learn about theater production from the viewpoint of the director actor critic and viewer th art e05 reader’s theater for older adults course descriptions