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santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 acctg 10c intermediate accounting c 4 units transfer csu • prerequisite accounting 2 • advisory accounting 10a this course includes study of the pronouncements of the financial accounting standards board and other primary source gaap and their applications to accounting for corporations the following are covered in detail in this course investments earnings per share financial statement analysis revenue recognition accounting for income taxes pensions leases and full disclosure in financial reporting acctg 11 cost accounting 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite accounting 2 this course focuses on cost accounting theory with emphasis on job order and process cost accounting accounting methods for material labor and factory overhead and preparation of financial statements from cost data topics include cost management concepts activity cost behavior job order costing process costing budgeting standard costing

santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 bus 54 international management 3 units bus 65 management principles 177 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this course focuses on issues faced in international management techniques and strategies for leading business activities in the world marketplace are examined the course is designed to promote an understanding of global trends and the decision-making process involved in all aspects of the multinational organization such as planning organizing and human resource management transfer csu • prerequisite none this course introduces the student to management concepts and strategies used by modern businesses the course is designed to familiarize student with the accepted standards procedures and techniques employed by top middle and supervisory level managers further the course provides students with an understanding of the role of management and how to develop plans and execute strategies in pursuit of organizational

194 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 how to express security requirements translate requirements into policies implement mechanisms that enforce policy and ensure that these policies are effective current industry best practices for safeguarding computer resources will be discussed various case studies will outline the typical way that security failures get exploited by attackers and how these attacks can be discovered understood and countered cs 74a security in vb .net applications 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none • advisory cs 15 this course provides students with the tools needed to implement security in designing and developing applications written in microsoft visual basic .net topics include encryption security practices securing remote applications such as asp and remote databases upon completion of this course students will be able to develop applications that can handle threats and respond to them more securely course descriptions cs 74b

santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 students are required to have a current tb test live scan completed at smc and proof of immunizations students will also be required to complete 35 days of supervised field experience in an early childhood setting with a california mentor or at a naeyc accredited early childhood program 1 day equals 3 or more hours the hours of this course may be applied toward the experience requirement of the child development permit matrix ece 22 practicum in early childhood education 5 units ece 23 practicum in early intervention 5 units transfer csu • prerequisite early childhood education 45 and 49 in a fieldwork setting and under the supervision of an early intervention specialist students will gain practical experience in order to make connections between theory and practice develop professional behaviors and build a comprehensive understanding of young children with special needs and their families focus on evidence-based practices in

228 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 et 13 2d game prototyping 3 units transfer csu • advisory entertainment technology 42 this computer-based course is focused on the design and implementation of successful prototypes for console mobile and casual gaming platforms and the internet students will learn the fundamentals of software authoring for these platforms including interactive story telling navigation metaphors technical constraints gaming basics and usability students will gain experience working with media text graphics animation video and audio using authoring environments and writing scripts to control interactivity students will design and implement game and software titles that can be included in their portfolios this course uses the gamemaker gaming engine course descriptions et 15 beginning 3d level design 3 units transfer csu • advisory entertainment technology 24 this course covers the fundamentals of game design and prototyping using 3d

santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 lar activity complete a minimum of 15 hours of volunteer work with that activity and submit academically-sound written reports regarding the activity by applying course material to their experience students develop a deeper understanding of the discipline global studies global studies is a multi and interdisciplinary program designed to increase knowledge and understanding of the processes of globalization and their impacts on societies cultures and environments around the world the global studies program provides the student with a knowledge of critical issues that affect their lives and community as well as the affairs of other cultures societies and nations an understanding of the world’s social political economic and natural systems and their increasing interdependence along with an appreciation of the diversity of human culture will supply the student with a strong background for working in a global economy for living in a

santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 corsair and online publications this course may be repeated once for credit a digital single lens reflex dslr camera with manual exposure capability is required journalism 22 is the same course as photography 14 students may earn credit for one but not both journ 43 public relations and publicity 3 units transfer csu c-id jour 150 • prerequisite none journalism 43 is the same course as business 29 students may earn credit for one but not both this is a introductory course covering basic principles and objectives of public relations including publicity and promotion techniques effective communication strategies message design and distribution and modern and emerging public relations practices 263 kin pe 3 introduction to exercise physiology i 3 units transfer uc csu • prerequisite none maximum uc credit for kin pe 2 3 pro cr 3 4 6a 6b 7 8 9 29a 29b combined is 8 units this is an introduction to the principles of exercise

280 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 music 50b intermediate voice 2 units transfer uc csu • advisory music 50a continued development of vocal technique musicianship style and interpretations and song repertoire music 60b elementary piano second level 2 units transfer uc csu • prerequisite audition required this course includes rehearsals and performances of the department’s musical theatre production dance laboratory is included see counselor regarding transfer credit limitations transfer uc csu • skills advisory music 60a instruction in this course ranges from an introduction to major and harmonic minor scale fingerings minor key signatures hand-over-hand arpeggios triad inversions primary chord harmonization sight reading and transposition pieces are studied with attention to basic concepts of piano technique and interpretation such as phrasing tone touches and dynamics music 53 jazz vocal ensemble music 60c elementary piano third level music 52

santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 297 photography course sequence required for photography degree 40 units year fall spring first year photography 1 3 photography 52 3 non-photo elective 3 photography photography photography photography second year photography 31 4 or photography 32 4 photography 33 4 photography 39 3 photography 43 3 photography elective 5 2 2 5 3 30 4 60 3 required courses 32 units photography photography photography photography photography photography photography photography photography photography 1 introduction to photography 3 2 basic photography lab techniques 2 5 digital asset management modification and output 3 30 techniques of lighting introduction 4 31 introduction photographing people 1 4 or photography 32 photographing people advanced 4 33 techniques of lighting production 4 39 beginning photoshop 3 43 portfolio development 3 52 history of photography 3 same as art history 52 60 business practices in photography 3 course descriptions area b

314 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 computer software such as vectorworks spotlight and lightwright the basics of using photoshop and running projection with qlab students enrolled in this course are required to purchase tickets for and attend smc theatre productions th art 25 introduction to theatrical sound 3 units transfer uc csu • prerequisite none this course introduces the student to the theory and practice of modern theatrical sound design the role of sound in theatre is explored with a focus on its unique contribution in supporting the dramatic narrative lecture and laboratory instruction will cover basic sound theory and acoustics use of contemporary audio equipment tools and techniques and crafting a sound design from concept to completion students enrolled in this course are required to purchase tickets for and attend smc theatre productions course descriptions th art 26 introduction to stage costuming 3 units transfer uc csu c-id thtr 174 •