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288 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 ethical issues and health care delivery systems issues and trends relevant to professional nursing will be explored nutrition nursng 50l professional role transition lab 2 units the nutrition and dietetics program prepares individuals to integrate and apply the principles of nutrition sciences for human health and disease prevention/treatment dietitians work in a variety of settings including health care organizations food service operations business and industry product development marketing consulting education and research health promotion and private practice counseling careers include clinical dietitian public health dietitian nutrition educator weight management wellness counselor diet technician food services manager patient services manager pediatric dietician nutrition researcher sports and cardiac rehabilitation dietitian diabetes educator and many others smc offers an as-t degree in nutrition/dietetics which includes prerequisites such as human anatomy microbiology chemistry psychology and other courses to prepare nutrition and dietetic majors for transfer to approved didactic programs the support courses in the curriculum pattern allow the student to explore special interests that are related to their personal/professional goals/interests transfer csu • prerequisite nursing 40 and 40l nursing 45 and 45l nursng 50 and 50l must be taken concurrently the purpose of this course is to facilitate the transition from student nurse to the role of entry level staff nurse emphasis is on the implementation of theoretical concepts of leadership and management this course will allow the student to apply knowledge and skills pertinent to the role of manager of care for a group of patients and members of the health care team the role of manager incorporates delegation priority setting legal ethical considerations and health care delivery course descriptions nursng 60 multicultural health and healing practices 3 units transfer csu satisfies global citizenship • prerequisite none this course introduces the student to the health and healing beliefs and practices among people from culturally diverse backgrounds cultural concepts applicable to health and wellness behavior are examined the health healing beliefs and practices of select american cultural groups native asian african latino and european will be studied in the larger context of the american health care delivery system nursng 60 is the same course as health 60 students may earn credit for one but not both nursng 90a nursing internship 1 unit transfer csu please see “internships” section nursng 90b nursing internship 2 units transfer csu please see “internships” section nursing – noncredit the courses below are intended for students enrolled in the santa monica college nursing program nursng 900 supervised tutoring 0 units the purpose of this course is to provide additional assistance to nursing students enrolled in santa monica college nursing program in order to facilitate understanding the core concepts taught in the courses in the nursing curriculum the course will assist the student in being able to determine their comprehension of the content taught in the nursing course s and facilitate the transfer of nursing concepts a stimulating learning environment will be created for active communication and interaction among students and instructor the learning environment will provide an opportunity for students to verbalize their thinking understanding of underlying pathophysiology and its relevance to the therapeutic regime and therapeutic nursing interventions consistent attendance and participation are essential to the effectiveness of the supervised tutoring sessions nutr 1 introduction to nutrition science 3 units transfer uc csu c-id nutr 110 • prerequisite none • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 human nutrition integrating anatomy physiology biochemistry and psychology is studied in relation to wellness and degenerative disease prevention scientific information and principles provide the foundation for evaluating current concepts in nutrition for practical application in daily living nutr 3 introduction to the dietetics profession 1 unit transfer csu • prerequisite none this course explores the fields of dietetics and nutrition including trends future projections and employment opportunities the course offers an overview of the dietetics profession including career options professional development continuing education code of ethics state and national standards of scope and practice professional values creativity academy of nutrition and science position papers and evidence-based references and resources additionally each student will be guided through the process of creating a resume the processes of building a portfolio and networking through the district dietetic association and contribute to the nutritional status of the community service learning may be used in this course nutr 4 healthy lifestyle food and fitness 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this course will help individuals to develop knowledge of how to eat healthy for fitness health and sport nutrition and physical assessments will guide the development of these life style skills the dangers of disordered eating and body dysmorphia will be discussed individuals will learn how to evaluate the latest weight loss fitness and dietary supplement fads.