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170 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 jections establishing and developing vendor relationships insurance service ticket writing pricing and labor rates training and physician’s assistant and is a prerequisite for human physiology 3 biological sciences anatmy 2 advanced human anatomy course descriptions coursework and study in the biological sciences provides a foundation for future employment in many of the fastest growing and emerging stem science technology engineering and math fields today students of biology are at the front lines of many of the most critical questions our society is facing in the 21st century and beyond including addressing climate change the biodiversity crisis resource management and population growth emerging infectious diseases and public health students of biology become lab technicians nurses genetic counselors physicians environmental scientists landscape architects state and national park rangers researchers in agriculture pharmaceuticals and biotechnology teachers and college professors logic and critical thinking skills developed as a student of biology are applicable to nearly every field and every discipline and provide a foundation for making informed personal business and public policy decisions students must be present for the first session of biological science classes to be assured of admission to limited laboratory spaces students who wish to enroll in a life sciences course must demonstrate that they have met the prerequisites for the course prior to enrollment continuing students must complete prerequisite courses with a c or better if currently enrolled in a prerequisite course at smc at the time of enrollment students will be admitted to subsequent courses based upon midterm placement results but will be dropped if the prerequisite course is not completed with a c or better students who have successfully completed one or more prerequisite courses earning a grade of c or better in both the lecture and lab courses and an average of c 2.0 or better overall at another institution may be able to verify having met the prerequisites by submitting a transcript and course description and course syllabus for the prerequisite courses anatmy 1 general human anatomy 4 units transfer uc csu c-id biol 110b igetc area 5b biological sciences lab • prerequisite english 1 this course is an intensive study of the gross and microscopic structure of the human body including the four major types of tissue and their subgroups and the following organ systems integumentary skeletal muscular circulatory respiratory digestive urinary reproductive endocrine nervous and sensory functions of the organ systems are included at the introductory level to prepare students for a course in human physiology laboratory assignments develop the skills of observation investigation identification discovery and dissection the use of actual specimens including cat dissection and observation of a human cadaver is emphasized to assure that students learn the relative structure functions textures and variations in tissues not incorporated in models supplemental materials such as models photographs charts videotapes and digitized images are also provided this course is required for students preparing for many allied health professions including but not limited to nursing respiratory therapy physical therapy physical education and kinesiology 4 units transfer uc csu igetc area 5b biological sciences lab • prerequisite anatomy 1 this course emphasizes developmental comparative gross anatomy as applied to various disciplines such as clinical medicine anthropology art illustration kinesiology and pathology in order to demonstrate practical and professional applications of anatomy the laboratory experience includes individualized instruction in dissection of the human body students prepare seminars on specific anatomy topics for presentation to faculty and other students guest lecturers and field trips may be included biol 2 human biology 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 5b biological sciences non-lab • prerequisite none • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 this survey course explores the principles of biology using humans as examples it includes introductions to the scientific method cell biology heredity evolution human ecology behavior and the major concepts of structure function and pathology of most organ systems the course may serve as an introduction to the future study of biology including anatomy and physiology or stand by itself as a non-lab life science course for general education students biol 3 fundamentals of biology 4 units transfer uc csu igetc area 5b biological sciences lab • prerequisite none • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 no uc credit given for biology 3 if taken after biology 21 22 or 23 this general biology course is for transfer students who are not biology majors topics include basic molecular and cellular biology genetics the anatomy and physiology of plants animals and humans the diversity of life evolution and ecology current environmental issues and new developments in biological science are discussed laboratory experiences are integrated and stress scientific methodology and thinking credit is allowed for either biology 3 or botany 1 but not both biol 9 environmental biology 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 5b biological sciences non-lab • prerequisite none • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 this course satisfies santa monica college’s global citizenship requirement this survey course covers ecological principles including ecosystem structure and function population dynamics and the interdependence of living organisms current environmental issues and controversies such as global warming biodiversity and species extinction habitat destruction food and energy resources and pollution will be explored strategies for sustainable living will be emphasized.