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santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 bus 54 international management 3 units bus 65 management principles 177 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this course focuses on issues faced in international management techniques and strategies for leading business activities in the world marketplace are examined the course is designed to promote an understanding of global trends and the decision-making process involved in all aspects of the multinational organization such as planning organizing and human resource management transfer csu • prerequisite none this course introduces the student to management concepts and strategies used by modern businesses the course is designed to familiarize student with the accepted standards procedures and techniques employed by top middle and supervisory level managers further the course provides students with an understanding of the role of management and how to develop plans and execute strategies in pursuit of organizational goals bus 55 southern california’s international connections bus 67 business strategies 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this course provides an overview of southern california’s economy its people and its role in the global economic system using a variety of tools students will be introduced to the vital commercial financial and personal connections that make southern california one of the most diverse and globally connected places in the world special attention is devoted to key regional institutions that mediate the region’s global connections and to a comparison of southern california with other major global cities bus 62 human relations and ethical issues in business 3 units bus 63 principles of entrepreneurship 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this course covers the fundamentals of how to organize finance and operate a small business topics to be covered include business plan development financing legal and ethical issues marketing entrepreneurial team development and business models bus 64 business protocol and professionalism 1 unit transfer csu • prerequisite none to become successful and competitive in an ever-changing business environment individuals must be proficient in business etiquette and protocol through lecture roleplaying and participation students will become proficient in the basics of business interaction topics covered include introductions and handshakes conversational skills telephone manners nonverbal communication business dress workplace relationships cross-cultural understanding and dining manners transfer csu • prerequisite none this course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the “management of strategy” in the business enterprise a case-oriented format has been adopted to focus attention on what a firm should do in an actual business situation and to provide students with numerous opportunities to develop and exercise their analytical and decision-making skills bus 69 success in the gig economy 1 unit transfer csu • prerequisite none this course provides students with a hands-on class experience in starting a side business that can add to a student’s income stream or grow into a full-time business students will learn to identify income producing opportunities develop business and promotion plans and fund launch refine their business and make a profit emphasis will be placed on experiential learning taking action and the iterative refinement process needed to start a new business bus 72 organizational management and leadership 3 units transfer csu this course examines the special case of detailed planning and implementation of management decisions in strategic business units attention is focused on three areas developing action plans and implementation strategies developing awareness of the contingencies to be considered in taking strategic actions and investigating how different academic disciplines interpret the leadership phenomenon this course highlights key criteria used in assessing the viability of an organizational action plan and the role of leadership in managing constructive change processes bus 76 human resources management 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none human resource management encompasses those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization this course is fashioned to emphasize both the theoretical and practical aspects of human resource management topics of special interest include equal employment opportunity staffing the organization training and developing employees employee compensation understanding unions and organizational maintenance communication and information systems bus 79 bargaining and negotiations transfer csu • prerequisite none 3 units course descriptions transfer csu • prerequisite none this course provides concrete guidance in using human relations skills in the workplace that will promote working effectively with others strategies are integrated throughout the course that will enable students to apply human relations theories and applications to the real world of work ethical issues in business are addressed where students will learn an explicit process of ethical reasoning that will aid in defining and dealing with dilemmas in the workplace current events and case studies will be used to develop critical skills as students apply theories and principles 3 units