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184 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 rhetorical intercultural mass and health communication students will apply communication theories and concepts to everyday communication phenomena com st 31 research methods for communication studies 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 4 social and behavioral sciences • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 this course introduces the tenets and methods of social science research in general and communication research in particular the course provides an overview of both quantitative and qualitative research methods particular attention is given to experimental design survey research content analysis and field research the goal of this course is to prepare students for reading empirical research reports as well as prepare them for upper-division research course descriptions com st 35 interpersonal communication 3 units transfer uc csu c-id comm 130 igetc area 4 social and behavioral sciences • prerequisite none formerly speech 5 techniques for effective interpersonal communication are studied with emphasis on developing awareness of one’s own actions and their impact on relationships verbal and nonverbal communication styles are analyzed and practiced in one-to-one and small group situations lecture discussion and class participation are utilized to demonstrate a variety of skills including listening conflict resolution and the effective use of language in personal and professional interactions in addition exercises in body language role playing and self-disclosure and positive/negative thinking help students understand the power of the communication process com st 36 gender and communication 3 units transfer uc csu igetc area 4 social and behavioral sciences • prerequisite none exploring the role influence effects and significance of gender on our everyday communication interactions this course critically analyzes issues of gender and communication by examining the theoretical perspectives used to explain gender phenomena gender socialization and male and female interactions and stereotypes with an emphasis on improving communication skills we will explore the relationship between gender and communication as it pertains to the nature of genders the language of gender and gender differences in verbal and nonverbal communication com st 37 intercultural communication 3 units transfer uc csu c-id comm 150 igetc area 4 social and behavioral sciences • skills advisory eligibility for english 1 formerly speech 7 this course satisfies santa monica college’s global citizenship requirement this course focuses on the identification and analysis of processes and challenges of communication as affected by different cultures especially as it affects communication among the various cultures found within the united states e.g african american asian american latino/a middle eastern native american european american and gay/lesbian cultures and among the various cultures throughout the world the course focuses on the principles of communication theory as they apply to the intercultural setting with an emphasis on the effects of differences in beliefs values attitudes socio-political organization role expectations language and nonverbal behavior etc all of which are interrelated com st 88a independent studies in debate 1 unit transfer csu please see “independent studies” section com st 88b independent studies in debate 2 units transfer csu please see “independent studies” section com st 310 organizational and small group communication 3 units transfer csu satisfies global citizenship • prerequisite english 2 and admission to the smc baccalaureate degree program in this course students discuss and apply organizational communication theories with an emphasis on small group dynamics particularly in diverse workplace environments students will investigate numerous theories about organizational communication and case studies to explore the experiences of diverse groups in different workplace environments in history and in contemporary society students will identify the problems that diverse groups may face in organizational settings and design programmatic solutions to such problems the readings and course materials will be used to enhance students’ intercultural awareness and understanding of organizational communication theory in practice this course is open only to students who have been admitted to smc’s bachelor of science program in interaction design see for more information computer information systems the computer information systems cis program includes courses in web authoring desktop publishing social media microsoft office and adobe applications students focusing on web applications attain the skills to professionally design develop and manage websites the department also offers courses that lead to careers in social media the office application courses prepare students for positions such as office managers who oversee a variety of administrative clerical and accounting functions necessary to efficiently run and maintain business information systems the cis program manages industry certification programs for microsoft quickbooks and adobe products for students keyboarding skills of 25 words per minute or enrollment in oftech 1a or 9 are recommended for computer applications classes cis 1 introduction to computer information systems transfer uc csu • prerequisite none 3 units