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santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 ing modeling and dynamically created storage spaces students will learn the problem solving skills necessary to write complex computer programs and to make important software design and maintainability decisions cs 22 introduction to mobile robots 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none • advisory cs 3 this course describes the hardware software and operation of mobile robots that interact with changing environments hardware includes computers and other controllers motors and artificial muscles arms grippers ultrasonic sensors whiskers and cameras using a graphical interface on a pc students will learn to program and operate a robot that can recognize objects and speech talk back and navigate around a cluttered room cs 25 embedded systems 3 units cs 30 matlab programming 3 units cs 34a game programming 1 cs 36 fortran programming 3 units transfer uc csu • advisory cs 3 fortran is a high level language used predominantly in mathematical and scientific applications upon completion of cs 36 students will understand the syntax and semantics of fortran be able to apply the fundamental principles of top down algorithmic design using pseudocode and flowcharts to the solution of computer problems and know how to code test and debug programs in this language cs 37 web programming in vb .net cs 32 database programming in visual cs 40 operating systems transfer uc csu • prerequisite none • advisory cs 15 is an object-oriented programming language that is part of the .net microsoft suite it provides a graphical programming environment used to create applications for microsoft windows and the web this course covers advanced concepts for vb .net that relate to interfaces to databases topics include object oriented programming database interfaces programming sql query language using linq and em and applying security measures in connections vb .net compiler software is included in course material 3 units transfer csu • advisory cs 3 this course explores how to develop video games using software tools with underlying programming capabilities students learn the beginning skills needed to employ code to script the many game components necessary and use 2d and 3d physics menu systems and animations in testdriven development the course also covers navigation and mobile touch transfer uc csu • prerequisite none • advisory math 7 matlab is a scientific computing tool for data modeling and analysis image processing and other data intensive applications this class is designed for science major students it covers the basics of programming using matlab and uses numerical methods as an application to help students learn how to accelerate simple and complex numerical data modeling and analyses 3 units 3 units transfer uc csu • prerequisite none • advisory cs 19 or cs 50 c read as c-sharp is a modern object-oriented language that enables programmers to quickly build solutions for the platform in this class programmers will learn to build c components for use by web and windowsbased applications students will generate msil microsoft intermediate language code and pe portable executable files that utilize the services of the clr common language runtime which are all part of the platform software included in course material this course helps students in passing microsoft certification exams 3 units transfer uc csu • prerequisite none • advisory cs 15 vb .net is an object-oriented programming language that is part of the .net microsoft suite this course covers web application development including the use of asp and vb .net topics include asp .net web forms and controls web data access state management web services using ajax and security measures implementation 3 units transfer uc csu • prerequisite none • advisory cs 17 this course provides a functional understanding of operating systems topics include memory and process management under multiprogramming devices and file systems and user interfaces foundation concepts reviewed at the outset include hardware architecture cpu instruction sets and machine language number systems and data structures unix is used to demonstrate concepts commands and programming languages cs 41 linux network administration transfer csu • prerequisite none 3 units course descriptions transfer csu • prerequisite none • advisory cs 3 this is an introductory course on embedded systems design the use of computers in devices cell phones cars wrist watches home security systems etc rather than as standalone units students are directed to design solutions for real world applications using hardware and software we will discuss the characteristics that define an embedded system and contrast those against that of a stand-alone computer students will also look at a variety of applications utilizing embedded processors microcontrollers finally students will write programs that interact directly with external hardware utilizing a stamp microprocessor development board cs 33 c programming 191