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234 santa monica college catalog 2018–2019 and potential solutions to current global environmental problems modern ecological issues such as global climate change habitat-loss etc have their historical origin in human behavior this class will focus both on relevant causal behaviors and on the mental mechanisms that give rise to such behavior an evolutionary perspective will be employed to identify the pathways by which the clash of a “universal human nature” and the modern environment results in an “evolutionary mismatch.” evolutionary models such as the “tragedy of the commons” will be elucidated with relevant and real world examples in addition the course will explore potential avenues to effectively reshape human kind’s social technological and economic relationship with its environment as such a systems approach will be taken that considers the human as a part of as well as an influence on ecosystems cutting edge research will be integrated from different domains of psychology cognitive social developmental and evolutionary etc as well as related fields genetics behavioral economics gametheory anthropology etc to comprehensively study the human-environment interaction envrn 40 is the same course as psych 40 students may earn credit for one but not both course descriptions fashion design and merchandising fashion design students develop skills in design communication including preliminary sketching technical flat sketching illustration and usage of adobe photoshop illustrator and cad software skills in draping pattern drafting from draping and body measurements and basic sewing skills to advanced construction are developed in order to create sample garments for production and sales fashion merchandisers select purchase promote and sell clothing and accessories they study fashion trends and visit manufacturers and merchandise markets they work as part of a team and consult with managers and buyers advise the advertising and display departments and organize and coordinate promotional activities such as fashion shows they may advance to become buyers and purchasing agents sales representatives and managers clothes designers create new apparel and accessory designs they may sketch the garment cut the pattern select the fabric and materials and in some cases construct the sample garment they may arrange for the showing of a line at sales meetings or fashion shows fashn 1 fashion trends and design 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this course is designed to serve both students of fashion design and fashion merchandising in preparing them to become familiar with the nature of fashion design and its components and to understand how environmental factors influence the style color texture and design of garments fashion materials theories of fashion adoption sources of design inspiration and manufacturing a garment will be discussed fashn 2 color analysis transfer csu • prerequisite none 3 units this course is an exploration of color theory and elements of design with emphasis on the expertise of color mixing and creative color combinations theory is applied to textile fashion design and fashion merchandising fashn 3 apparel construction 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this course is an introduction to basic sewing techniques of costume and manufacturing apparel and provides familiarization with the tools used in the fashion industry development of fundamental skills and terminology of clothing construction emphasis is on interrelationship of fabric fiber design and construction techniques this course is required of all fashion design and merchandising majors fashn 5 fashion buying 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this is an introductory course in fashion buying to acquaint the students with the life of a buyer that includes considerations and practices of an executive or middle manager the buyer’s position includes responsibilities such as making evaluations and maintaining standards that are complete and constant this course will also present an awareness of quality effect of stocking merchandise and knowing and effectively practicing what to buy when to buy and how much to buy fashn 6a pattern analysis and design 2 units transfer csu • prerequisite none • advisory fashion 3 this course is a study of the basic pattern drafting techniques of the apparel industry and the transfer of a design to a flat pattern students learn to design and make their own patterns fashn 6b pattern drafting and design intermediate 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none • advisory fashion 6a this course is a continuation of fashion 6a with emphasis on more advanced and complex design creations in harmony with the current trends fashn 7 fabrics for fashion design and merchandising 3 units transfer uc csu • prerequisite none a detailed study of textiles from fiber to finished fabric is covered in this course including identifications of fiber types construction printing dyeing and finishes of natural/man-made fabrics emphasis is on fabric design principles of patterns and methods of textile decoration fashn 8 history of fashion design 3 units transfer csu • prerequisite none this survey of fashion of the western world introduces historic dress as an inspiration and a design resource for students of fashion design and fashion buying and merchandising the evolution silhouette and the cut and